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Pokemon Path of Hope

by AshleePlays535

AshleePlays535 Chap 1 Meeting them (if you have read RacingWolfs Path of Destiny not trying to copy him just encouraged me to make my own path story)
One sunny morning in a Dark Forest a Female Scyther was walking around looking for something to catch and bring back to her swarm by the Time she got back she saw her swarm all burned to crisps she quickly ran away and went to the other swarm the darker Scyther them too were burned to crisps except for one of them the Dark green Scyther was a Male Scyther he was hiding in the Bushes after the Ambush ashamed of what happened The Female Scyther walked up to the Darker Scyther. Female: StormWind are you okay?. The Male Scyther looked up at the Female Scyther. StormWind: I'm fine just ashamed of what happened are you okay Tornado? Tornado was the Females name StormWind is the Males name. They both got up and started to head out. StormWind:Where do we go now? We have nowhere to go..." Tornado:"True but I'm sure we will make friends for the sake of both our swarms" As they both walked through the Desert they both got really Thirsty then they saw a lake up ahead in a Forest StormWind:"Maybe we can *gasp* rest there...." Tornado"yeah we do need to rest" they both got closer to the forest and lake and they made it starting to drink the lake water then they saw a injured Ralts walking along then fainting they then picked the Ralts up and then Tornado healed the Ralts. The Ralts finally woke up. Ralts:"ugh *Opens eyes* What happened? Who are you?" Tornado:"We found you laying on the floor and then this happened" Ralts:"thanks for saving me by the way my name is PsychicStorm what's yours?" Tornado:"My name is Tornado and this is StormWind". StormWind:Hiya! PhychicStorm:hears Houndour and Houndoom* OH NO THEY ARE HERE!!!!!!". StormWind:who is here?". PhychicStorm:THE HOUNDOUR AND HOUNDOOM THEY ARE COMING TO KILL ME!!!!!!" Tornado:*a flamethrower shoots at the group and they avoid the flamethrower* everyone okay!?".StormWind: I'm okay! PhychicStorm you okay?! PhychicStorm:I'm Alright!!" ???: Well well well look what the Ralts dragged in". Four Houndour surround the group and a Houndoom walks up to the Group Tornado:"Not you again....!". Houndoom:"This Ralts will make a good meal".PhychicStorm:NOOOO!!!". Tornado:"BlackFang stop it!". The Houndoom looks at Tornado then mumbles something BlackFang:"Why should I...." To Be Continued