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Pokemon Origins: X & Y Wedlocke version pt. 3: A buggy battle

by TrashAI

TrashAI Remember how metapod was really, REALLY ANNOYING. guess what this guy uses? Another form!
Youngster Joey jumped in front of me with his spoopa or whatever, Spewpa I mean. I sent out fletchling and one shot it with an aerial ace. Joey retrieved his spewpa and rushed to a pokemon center. Joey explained to me that this world was not a regular world, but a wedlocke. My chespin was a male, and my fletchling ws female, so they had to be paired. I can only switch between those 2 pokemon only, until they die... If my whole team can't make it.. It's over.. This had me more worried than before. I rushed to the center and healed my chespin before anyone challenged me. I went to get my encounter in Santalune forest, and got a-- surprise surprise! Pikachu. I cought it and discovered it was a male.. I went to go battle for my first gym badge.