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Pokemon Omega and Alpha Adventures Chapter 1

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Brendan, May and Wally are three young trainers who are ready to face the Pokémon World. Watch as Brendan beats Gym Leaders, May wins contests, and Wally hopes to become the Hoenn Grand Duke. Includes ZShipping and Hoenn Shipping. Rated K.
Brendan was sitting in the back of a moving truck, playing Pokémon X. "COME ON! You can do this, Mega Aggron!" He watched as his Mega Evolved Steel type used Earthquake and Malva's, the last of the elite four, Torkoal went down. "YES! WOAH!" He cheered then yelled as he was knocked over by a backpack. Dramatic music played in his head as he yelled. "NOOOOOO!!!!!" His 3ds went flying, and when it hit the ground, the power went off. "NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Brendan screamed. All his hard work, gone. He had to face the Elite Four all over again. Brendan sighed as he looked out the window. He had to admit, Hoenn was a beautiful region. Maybe moving wasn't a bad idea after all? Sure, he would miss his cousin, Gold Subarashi, but maybe he could find a new friend.

Brendan energetically jumped out of the truck. He looked at the town. "Cool. He noticed a bright light in the sky. It was blue, and looked like a jet. "AWESOME." Unknown to him, a girl his age just saw the same thing, except smaller and red. He walked into the house and ran up to his room. His bed was a triple bunk bed. His mom and dad bought him the coolest stuff, his dad being a gym leader in Johto then Hoenn, now. If he ever had 2 friends over, this would solve it all. He remembered something about some body named May Birch, who was his age and lived next door. Brendan walked out and looked around the town. He saw a large lab, which he made note of to check out later. He knocked on the door, to which a 34 year old woman opened. "Hello, I'm Brendan Kaigo, your new next door neighbour." He swore he knew this woman. "OH! Hi, I'm Mrs. Birch! My, you've certainly grown. I knew you when you were just 4." Mrs. Birch greeted. Brendan nodded. "We have a daughter your age. She's upstairs, you should go and meet her." Brendan looked at her oddly, but nodded anyway and went to meet her, hoping she would be nice.

May tied her bandana on, and was ready to go and greet her new neighbour when she heard somebody walking up. "Hello?" She heard. "Uh, hi." She answered. When the footsteps came near her door, she picked up a pokeball in defense, but she dropped it when she saw a brown haired 13 year old boy, very cute, she may add, walked in, as she felt her cheeks flushed a bit. "Hello! I'm Brendan Kaigo, your new neighbour. Your May, right?" May nodded, still a bit red. "Are you okay, your kinda red. You got a fever?" May shook her head. "Okay! So, uh...... Wanna come over to my house and play video games?" May was going to nod excitedly, but then remembered something. "I would love to, but I gotta help my dad on research." Brendan nodded, and then got an idea. "Why don't I go help you? It'll be fun!" May agreed and they ran downstairs.

Brendan and May walked out and saw a 12 year old Green haired boy standing near the entrance to Route 1, nervously. "Uh, Yo, Green Head!" Brendan piped. The green haired boy looked over. "HI! I'm Wally. I heard a scream over this way, but I don't know what to do." Wally said, timidly. "THAT'S WHERE MY DAD IS WORKING!" May screamed. "She grabbed Bredan and Wally's arms, then puled them as she ran off to Route 1. "COME ON BOYS! WE GOTTA SAVE MY PA!" Brendan and Wally screamed as they were rushed off. May ha ran so fast that they were already there. She saw her dad being chased by a couple of Mightyena. She spotted his bag a few feet away. "Wally, Brendan, I have an idea. We use my Dad's bag to beat those pokemon." Brendan and Wlally nodded, as they looked in the bag. The trio chose each of their pokemon randomly, then threw the pokeball at the ground. "BOM! BOM! BOM!"
To be continued......
Next time: Brendan, May an Wally set out on their journey as a team, and Brendan fights a gym leader. Will he and his Pokemon beat Roxanne?

What do you think the trainers got? Who got who? Tell me in the comments!