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Pokemon Neon-Legend (Chapter1b)

by Tingfeng-Anna

Tingfeng-Anna Of course, the part 2 of my previous Pokemon Neon-Legend Intro&1a......^_^ Here we meet again.
Hope everyone will enjoy this piece of work!!! Thx for support~~

In a wide, richly-decorated office room, three simple, unnegotiable, and absolutely critical words stab on Shine’s heart like a sharp, glittering sword. She stares blankly and unbelievably at the wrathful, black-faced gigantic man that stood in front of her. Cold tears which is fully filled with indignation slowly drips down from her eyes.

“W......why, father?!” Shine bursts out crying, roaring and also begging at the same time, while she glared the orange-haired man with both sorrow and anger: “I have been waiting to join the Light-and-Shadow Tournament for my entire life! All my graduated seniors do! Kenra even had won two Badges of Victor, I can’t wait to chase him up......Headmaster Dion’s also established me as well. Why only I can’t go?!”

Shard-the owner of Official Judge Training Company (OJTC), looks directly and piercingly towards his daughter Shine with his orange-black eyes. He almost exploded with a violent growl: “You are just a little girl, it’s aimless for you to wander around outside the entire Neon. I don’t think you can do except spoiling our company’s glorious name by losing to other trainers!!! For you are my daughter!”

“Is your company more important than YOUR OWN DAUGHTER’s dream?! I don’t want to become a tied up family-traditional judge, but the Pokémon trainer that is judged and earns the unlimited glory of winning!!!” Shine hates all these nonsense and stubborn speech from her dad. Although her hard and smart training earns her many between-school tournament victories, Shard still refused to establish her ambition, forcing her to become a future leader-judge of OJTC. As the place of owner, she knows her father won’t offer it out until death reigns him.

He is an extremely grabbing and selfish man, which totally controls a company that owns worldwide certification to train judges for all Pokémon battle tournaments-all the gorgeous and famous tournaments employ OJTC’s judges, including the eight leaders of Light-and-Shadow Tournament.

But Shine and him isn’t similar even the least bit from personality to appearance. She is kind, generous, very warm and beholds the principle of justice. Despite her father’s orange-black eyes, flashing orange hair and gigantic body size, she is beautifully slender, with golden-bright eyes and hair. As she watched her own look in a mirror, she’ll miss the DNA giver of these significations-her mother, Amethyst, even more.

Shine’s mum Amethyst is the only one in her wealthy but selfish family who supported her Pokémon trainer dream-until she left to the heaven because of heart-attack five years ago, just after the whole family celebrated Shine’s capture of her first Pokémon, Jezrabbit. Amethyst’s death resulted that no one could able to stop Shard from forcing her to be a judge representing the family company-and also a tool to offer marriage with the other company owner’s son in a business deal, after she is 21.

“I WON’T LOSE, father! And I won’t spoil your OJTC’s glory!!! And I can proof it NOW!!!” The over-irritated Shine shouts out without fear and hesitation, and then immediately throw out Jezrabbit’s Pokéball. Now, both this shoujo trainer and her priest rabbit Pokémon glare at Shard with their last hope and rage.

But the coldly-cruel Shard directly ignores his ambitious daughter’s trainer battle challenge, and he says with an icy tone: “It’s pointless fighting with you. Just get out from my extremely-busy office and continue your daydream, I WON’T let you go for adventure. “


“......What?!” Shard’s dark-orange eyes are conquered by bursting astonishment and unbelieving. His whole body freezes like being stroke by a snowstorm, and his non-stop shivering hand slowly touches onto his left cheek, which is growing hotter and hotter, and feels piercingly painful. “S......Shine......”

The golden-haired young girl lowers her head, her Pokémon trainer-glove wearing left palm is holding still in the air after she slapped her own father’s cheek, remaining silence. Jezrabbit turns its pretty face on-and-forth looking at both agitated father and daughter, with a worried and nervous expression. Actually it also very agitated by Shard’s attitude-seems like it wishes to smash him into piece, but not just slapping him like Shine did.

Finally, Shine breaks both the deadly silence and her father Shard’s completely-frozen senses, by an unexpectedly weak cry: “I was going to ask that ‘why’, dad......Why you tie me up in this narrow, limited town?! You promised me when mama was still living......that I could adventure the whole amazing Neon! And battling the eight leaders! Opening the Victorious Hall!!! I will come back and be that leader judge after completing these dreams......and you are really happy that time! What ghost is on you since mama’s death, dad?!”

“I......I’m just......” Shard’s pale face looks extremely flurried and shocked. When his sore, flushing-red cheek recovers a little and he tries to speak, Shine suddenly hugs Jezrabbit beyond her arms with a lightning movement, and rushes out through the office corridor, disappearing at a turning corner. With a few pairs of bright, crystal-like teardrops falling off her eyes......

The father of this ambitious, talented and always family-loving shoujo trainer although how bad her relatives treat her, suddenly fall down straight away onto the blue marble-lined office floor, almost fainted with an unexpected, sudden feeling of heavy guilt and hollowness. The place as the powerful owner of OJTC also becomes almost worthless and miserable for Shard......

“No, no, no......she’s just......” An over-daring and unrespecting little girl! Shard tries really hard to crawl back up onto his maroon-velvet chair and hypnotising himself. Suddenly the usually charming but heavily-sick face of Amethyst, his beloved wife, before her forever-leaving......

“D......don’t you destroy little Shine’s lifetime dream, Shard......” Amethyst uttered her last few sentences weakly with extreme effort before shutting her beautiful, golden eyes just like her beloved daughter once and for all: “Her brilliant light as a Pokémon trainer......can definitely shine through the whole Neon Region just like her name, only......with our understanding and establishment. I had always trust and pass her, now, it’s all on you, Shard......”

“Tournament ended! Shine, the representative from SilverLeaf Academy is the final winner!!!”

As Shard quickly makes a cup of black coffee, pouring it straight and quick downwards his throat to force himself concentrate and chill, his office-special HD television’s remote control on the work table accidentally pressed by his ankle, right on the on-off button. The almost auction-prized modern TV immediately comes alive and bursts out with high-quality video and sound effects.

This mid-aged, cold and experienced businessman is startled by this coincidence, almost dropping his white-jade coffee cup. He feels heavily irritated, just before he reaches out his fingertips towards the remote control, the programme airing on the TV suddenly attracts his attention almost fully.

It’s the encore of Shine’s trainer battle with Tinna at the final round of North Neon trainer schools’ tournament. An even more shocking coincidence!!! The sharp eagle-eyed Shard also discovers that it’s the famous Poké-Era Channel, specified on discovering very high-potential young trainers and big tournaments, which is airing his daughter’s victory!

He suddenly forgets every single bit of his non-stop increasing, urgent office jobs, just sitting motionlessly on his velvet office chair and enjoys his little Shine’s confidence, fearless, ambitious smile when battling proud Tinna. Just when Jezrabbit gave that mighty priest-wand knock right onto the fear-shrieking Colourot’s bird head, Shard almost run crazy like the terrible crowd of audiences in the Pokémon battle hall and scream out with thrill......fortunately, he manages to give a brake on this action which may astonish his “army” of bodyguards outside this office.

“What the heck am I thinking now?!” Shard roars loudly in his heart and brain, throwing his half cup of black coffee back onto the table, when he finally realizes that he was fully excited and attracted by Shine’s sun-like motion and emotion in her Pokémon battle......it’s just too alike Amethyst!

Gentle, determined, ambitious, warm, kind, brave, fully packed with justice and strength......

“I want her to become our OJTC’s family-representing judge, not to wander everywhere!”

She dreams for every second to adventure the whole Neon Region, challenging the eight leaders, unveiling the mystery of Shade Victor and Victorious Hall......

“Shine is just a raw and nasty little girl! What she can do?”

Becoming a great and respected trainer like Amethyst, the previous and retired leader of Oceania Town......no, an even GREATER, world-changing one......

“No, no way!!!S......She’s just......”

Your always beloved, blood-bounded daughter!!!

In a white and sweet-yellow furnished room, there are no other sounds or motions except the slight and coarse scrubbing between pencil and paper. Shine is sitting with a crookback-like down-spirited position near her room table, staring aimlessly and blankly on a drawing pad while making a rough sketch of one of her admiring Pokémon. It looks exactly like a Japanese girl wearing polka-dotted kimono, but with dark maroon, spooky eyes......

“Tack!” The tip of the 4B pencil in Shine’s hand suddenly breaks. Some black, fine powders of the lead scatters on the drawing pad. This young shoujo which looks as a plaintive, last wish unfulfilled spooky ghost gives out a disappointing cry, dumps the blunted pencil back into a viridian china cup which is her stationery holder and starts howling:

“My Karaneon~~No~~I can never catch one anymore!!! My Badges of Victor! My West Neon! No~~”

“Jezzu......” The kind and master-understanding Jezrabbit just winks its beautiful black eyes at spooky-weeping Shine, patting her shoulders gently to show compassion. Despite this priest rabbit Pokémon’s trainer that cry and shriek like sound effects in a haunted mansion, it also feels quite down because their shared dream had almost crushed.

“Knock, knock, knock, knock!!!” A series of fast and loud banging......or just consider it moderate crashing on Shine’s walnut room door suddenly reaches her and her Pokémon’s ears. She almost bounces up from the chair and crash onto the ceiling, although there are still two drops of aggrieved tears hanging on face.

She walks swaying left-and-right towards the almost over-knocked walnut door, then opens it with a zombie-pale hand and asks the room visitor in a ghostly, hollow tone like a spooky call encoring inside a deserted mansion: “......Anything......?”

“Gah!!!” The “living” person who’s standing right and straight in front of her-the gorgeous man Shard almost yell out with bone-chilling fright and horror, when he mistaken his over-pale faced and blue ghost-fireballs surrounded daughter as a phantom......but finally manages to stay calm, discovering that Shine is as alive as he does. “Phew......are, are you okay, Shine? H......Had Insomnia last night?”

“What are you doing here, daddy......?” Pity, dream-lost Shine continues to talk slowly and blankly and ghostly-until her gold, bright eyes suddenly discovers that her father’s right palm is holding a metal-like bracelet tightly. This originally active and wonderous shoujo immediately overflows with curiosity: “Dad, what’s that bracelet? Is it mum’s......left jewellery?”

Shine’s speaking tone slowly, slowly changes from extreme wonder to a bit of struggling and hesitation when questioning Shard, which had just argued violently with her and resolutely stops her from leaving hometown for adventure. She feels very unbelieving and startled at her father’s attitude-changing. But her wandering, uncertain eyes still keeps on looking at the metallic bracelet.

“Let’s go inside your room and talk about this thing. It’s quite a secret and a treasure.” Shard notices his young teen daughter’s indecisive and slightly fearful look towards his changing. Although he is quite embarrassed, he still tries in full effort to give out a warm, father-like smile, pushing Shine into the pretty room. After making sure the old-fashioned bronze lock on the walnut door is working, he carefully, softly and alertly places the simple but class bracelet onto Shine’s opened palms.

The young golden-haired girl observes the metal bracelet with full concentration and alert, hugging the also-curious Jezrabbit tightly between her another arm to alleviate the over-excited, rapid-pounding heartbeat. The bracelet’s surface is in dull silver, some thick black lines forming really simple patterns on it.

The most conspicuous point on the rough piece of jewellery is the three jewels embedded on it. Two are emerald-like greenish stones and another is a bigger, bright-red gem. It is placed in the middle, between the two tinier green ones. The whole bracelet gives her an ancient-like, mysterious and mystical feeling.

Seeing that his mighty, wonderous daughter had observed the metal bracelet’s every single inch throughoutly, Shard immediately starts to explain its tale in his low, deep and rational voice: “This is actually our great family’s heirloom-or clan treasure that had passed through hundreds of generations. According to the legend that comes together, told by my great-grandfather, it is a powerful and helpful supporting tool for a Pokémon trainer, named The Saint-King Bracelet. Although its ability and power is unknown till now.......” This dark-orange eyed man grins: “It might be able to help you a great deal during your adventure across the whole Neon. Perhaps once in an accident, who knows?”

“Wow......this, is really a surprising and very, very precious gift......but wait! Hang on!!!” Young, pretty Shine suddenly frozen with great shock when she is surveying the metal Saint-King Bracelet again, almost glaring both of her eyes wide to the danger of bursting out. She speaks slowly and blankly: “Oh my God, are my ears playing naughty......or I just heard that......YOU, DADDY PERMITTED ME FOR THE ADVENTURE?!“

Shard’s usually-serious and cold face has melt down into warmth and a broad smile. He crosses both of his muscled arms together in a really proud position-and slowly nods for a couple times.

“THANK YOU! THANK YOU FOR A THOUSAND TIMES, DAD!!! Yeah~~”Early-graduated, fifteen years old mighty Shine explodes with streaming tears of happiness, gratitude and satisfaction, quickly dashes towards her father and awarding him an extra-gorgeous hug. Her equally thrilled and joyful priest Pokémon-Jezrabbit, starts to hop and bounce across the room which is now fully conquered by one of Shine’s most treasured time of life. This ambitious shoujo is now free to adventure the whole Neon Region, challenging leaders and catching dozens of new Pokémon as partners!

Not only these big and gracious enough, but not really world-changing and truly incredible dreams......that she can achieve during this magical journey across Neon. This young shoujo, together with her team of powerful and amazing Pokémon, can really turn the whole region around and let everyone’s mind explode with unbelievable, and finally, pure veneration......

A bright sunflower-yellow backpack is immediately tossed out by Shine out of her brown cabinet with a loud “thump!”. Because of over-exciting and mentally energizing, both of her arms almost hurl and twist and stretch as quick as lightning, searching every single items and tools and gears that are necessary in the adventure from the whole bedroom, and grabbing them one by one to tuck and squeeze into her backpack.

“Phew! Finally done......and ready for my great trip!!!” After 30 seconds of incredible, word-recordable lightning-like backpack preparation, this golden long-haired teen girl finally releases out a completely satisfied sigh. She looks at the tightly jammed, overloaded yellow bag with “unnecessary” honour and proud-

But it was really quite a masterpiece and good example of traveller’s backpack. A 500ml athlete-style bottle, latest and officially-qualified Poké-Dictionary, empty lunch box, ATM card, not loaded Pokéballs......overall, every single required item for an adventurer is stuffed inside that yellow bag. Lucky for Shine, pity for the backpack......

When Shine happily and thrillingly decides to stich her initials onto the backpack, and is 100% willing to leave hometown the next day, she begins to bite the nails of her index finger gently in deep though:

Although I doesn’t completely sure about the reason, but I still thinks that it’s better going back to SilverLeaf Academy once more before leaving......