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Pokemon Neon-Legend (Chapter 1e, last part of the chapter)

by Tingfeng-Anna

Tingfeng-Anna Finally completed chapter one! The amateur trainer, Shine, gains a new friend and steps into the next level of Pokemon training. Thanks for reading, enjoy! Chapter 2 in progress. ^_^
Dion gets a big deal of dismay when he heard his best shoujo student’s words. His mind goes blank immediately and can’t help but stare at Shine’s golden eyes unbelievably. This teen girl trainer, wants the enemy she defeated so hard to be pardoned?! Is she crazy?!

Before the headmaster is able to speak anything, Miss Hoon quickly blocks between Shine and him, looking at the golden-pony-tailed shoujo harshly: “What in the HELL are you thinking, Shine?! This haughty guy brings everybody here enough problems! We must not forgive him and let him leave like that!”

“Calm down, Hoon. Listen to her first.” Headmaster Dion gently pats on this experienced female teacher’s back to comfort her boiling temper, and then nods to Shine seriously. He secretly observes Arzen who stood just a few metres beside, the mystery-like young man’s glamorous face is almost stuffed with true shock. Seems he too can’t accept or believe Shine’s speech.

“Thanks, headmaster. Listen up, buddies, I know you are not satisfied to my decision at all, but I really hope you can understand my perception of view.” Shine eyes Headmaster Dion with most appreciation, this old trainer is always the understanding one. She pauses for a few seconds, and then begins to let the words out from her heart:

“I believe Arzen is as talented and ambitioned as I do, so I wish to give him another chance. “Shine calls out to every single startled watcher in the battle arena at the top of her voice, almost screaming and begging. Any person from SilverLeaf Academy or Tensaki City can swear that mighty Shine will never cheat or lie, so they just listen to her speech with widened eyes and heavy heart. “I can’t afford to see a young trainer like me to be punished for a Pokémon battle......so guys......”

Shine stops talking for a short while for pushing her voice too hard. She looks at the almost unable-to-react in awe Arzen deeply in confidence and belief, speaking to this mysterious young man so sincerely until his lonely-proud and frozen heart slowly melts and touched by her attitude......like a SUN: “Please, FORGIVE him.”

Such warm and brilliant eyes......they’re as golden as the swaying pony tail behind her brain. The purity of her mind and soul is what I thought had extinct long, long ago. Free from any bits of evil and darkness, not an aura of lies or fakes can be found on her. Amazing, interesting......

After listening the young, clear-hearted shoujo’s strong-willed request, the whole SilverLeaf Academy school area almost goes into absolute silence. The street people from the Tensaki Town wander their eyes around each other, uncertain what to do or say. But all the student-trainers, knowing Shine well or not, and the team of loyal teachers peer towards only a direction-Headmaster Dion.

The headmaster with a number of wrinkles on face-the symbol of his age, intelligence and experience, narrows his eyes and sinking into deep thoughts. Meanwhile, Arzen is staring at Shine’s outstanding, young figure that will naturally awake some respect from the others’ heart. He is mystified and shocked by her decision and act of trust on him, his wise and mysterious face almost look dumb.

“Why she will do that......? After I acted just like a stupid king that thinks he’s taller than the Prysles Tower in front of her......that’s the most shameful thing I ever did in my life......” Feelings of regret slowly fill up any hollow space in his heart: “She ought to be treated as top trainers, so generous, so humble......”

“I can hardly decide what to do as well, actually......” After quite some time without a word, Dion finally speaks up in his deep voice after everyone’s nervous waiting. Surprisingly, a broad, satisfying smile is on his lips:

“You really had grown up nearly a thousand times since you were here, Shine. I’m really proud.......and don’t know what to say about owning such an unusual student. And the winner’s always have the right to decide, on your request, the beaten challenger, Arzen, IS TO BE PARDONED!!!”

Although not too satisfied to this sort of ending, the crowd of watchers gathering around the battlefield still respect the amateur young trainer. They respond in some supporting cheers and a round of hearty applause. Miss Hoon, too, claps for that and gives apology-looking Shine a strong pat on her shoulder. “Can’t say much. It’s what you choose. You are always correct since I know you, anyway.”

“Thanks, Miss Hoon.” Shine smiles at the head-scratching female teacher gratefully, concludes the trouble with a third bow to the cooperative audiences. Then, she turns to Arzen who is looking at the Pokéball containing Swordhox quietly, cheerfully saying: “Hey, Arzen! What a battle! Although bearing a great deal of responsibility, I still enjoyed it very much. Can we be friends?!”

“......Huh?!” Arzen looks up blankly, half-shocked. The Pokéball almost drop off from his black-gloved hand. His handsome, attractive face is unable to fully express what he’s thinking: She forgave me......? Not even running mad......

“C’mon, boy, you must be way cooler than this.” Shine replies his surprise with a sunny, mischievous smile, kind of impatient too: “I’m leaving this city to adventure all over Neon Region tomorrow. You must try really hard chasing up if you want to know me after this!”

“It will be a great waste if I missed to acknowledge this amazing girl trainer, or even......” Arzen can never hesitate or stay astonished for another second, he too smiles quickly in true pleasure-and joy of surprise of course, replies in his glamorous voice: “Sure! Sounds good for me. But......”

Shine asks the impressive but mysterious young man trainer, both arms crossing in front of her chest, when he stops before completing the sentence, seems shrugging: “What is that, shy guy? You look really funny, just speak out!”

“Oh, this is quite embarrassing......but I shouldn’t just let this chance fly away!!!” After another moment of hard struggle and considering-twice, Arzen decides to compress his pride and shyness into the bottom of his heart, finally manages to shout out his request together with a <90° bow: “Y......you are going to travel around Neon, of course challenging the eight leaders to become a better trainer right? Just......PLEASE ALLOW ME TO FOLLOW YOU!!!”

This time it’s Shine’s turn to be thunderstruck. The teen girl trainer’s jaw almost crash onto the battlefield ground. She can hardly speak a word, as the sun-like smile on her lips becomes quite twisted: “W......what......?!”

Not only the young, mighty shoujo actually, almost every living person around them show the same facial expression-mouth and eyes widen almost as big as the letter “O”, blur-minded and startled. Headmaster Dion, the other educators of this school and a few thousand students all look just like that.

“Err......” Arzen, feeling of awkward and embarrassment almost make him wants to run away, tries his best to ignore the weird scene. He bows in another perfect arc once more, asking Shine for the second time......this time almost in a tiny whisper: “I, I just believe I can learn many things from you and, err, Jezrabbit as well. M......may I?!”

He glares directly at Shine, dumbfounded, uncertain, as she suddenly realizes everything and explodes in roaring laughter. The shoujo trainer almost topples and kisses the ground, can’t stop the stream of “Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha......” blasting out from her mouth.

“Y......your sentence sure make the others think you want to marry me......” After spotting the handsome shounen’s apple-red cheeks and slight anger, Shine, at last, pulls herself out from the uncontrollable laughing. She immediately smiles brightly and nods for a few times, eagerly replies: “But earning a friend is always better than having an enemy. Furthermore, Jezrabbit still can’t chat with me along my journey although she’s a great buddy. I’M GLAD TO HAVE YOU, ARZEN!!!”

Words and murmurs that express unbelieving and amazement fills up the SilverLeaf Academy area in instant. Everyone knows Shine’s kindness and angel-like heart very well, but such a quick change from rival to partner is so dramatic! But after a short while, great joy once more surrounds the crowd.

“Well, well......gaining an impressive victory, saving the day, getting a travel companion......you’re really lucky today, little Shine. Better luck on your adventure......!” Headmaster Dion has the respecting but funny smile back on his face again, tapping encouragingly on Shine’s shoulder. A round of laughter arises among his students and teachers.

Holding Jezrabbit’s Pokéball firmly in her hands, mighty Shine, an amateur trainer that owns infinite potential and future, smiles to the group of friendly people around her with a warm, grateful heart. Arzen is watching this amazing shoujo from beside when she says:

“Thanks, you guys! For all these awesome years I spent here, in SilverLeaf, in Tensaki!!! I CAN NEVER FORGET THIS PLACE, AND WILL RETURN ONE DAY, BRINGING ALONG THE VICTORIES I EARNED DURING MY ADVENTURE!!!”

After waving goodbye to the massive crowd of supporters, well-known or just sharing the same hometown, receiving tears and cheers, Shine finishes her words that she’ll miss everyone and everything here, and then runs out through the silver-like gate of the beloved SilverLeaf Pokémon Training Academy. Before that, she tosses a paper ball to Arzen that is startled for not receiving instruction on tomorrow’s trip.

The still-mysterious shounen trainer opens up the paper ball, carefully smoothens the wrinkles on it using his finger. The brief message read:

Come to my house this midnight 12:00a.m. Very quietly. 27, Indipix Street 1, Tensaki Town, North Neon.

“Huh?!” Arzen’s mind is just like being rolled up and hurled into a thick cloud of mist.
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