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Pokemon Neon-Legend (Chapter 1d)

by Tingfeng-Anna

Tingfeng-Anna I'm really sorry to keep everyone waiting......full apology here. Hope you guys still enjoy my story!
“Come out, Jezrabbit!” Shine calls out loudly immediately and swing her right arm to throw the Pokéball. When it touches the ground of the battlefield, white light emerges and Jezrabbit’s priest-like figure appears, holding its golden wand with alert and confidence.

“It’s my turn now. Come out, Swordhox!” As his shoujo opponent’s Pokémon stood in place, Arzen gives out a mysterious, proud grin. He yells aloud and throws out the Pokéball in his grip for quite a while. Similar white light shimmers, but the Pokémon appeared is a strange, samurai-like fox Pokémon.

The Pokémon wears light grey male kimono, with the word “Sword” and “Sakura” written on both sleeves in kanji. It has maroon eyes with a sharp, cold glow, some dark pink stripes on its fox face. A samurai sword glittering in metallic light is held in its hands firmly.

When everyone in and surrounding the battle arena has clearly spot this Pokémon’s look, obvious, rather loud chatters and shouts in astonishment is heard all around the school area.......

“NO WAY! It’s......it’s a Swordhox!!!” Even Shine that almost stuffed the whole Poke-dictionary into her brain stares the opponent’s Pokémon a few meters away in shock: “It’s such a rare species that even many people say that it had already extinct! Just......how he was able to catch one of them?!”

But a few seconds later, this mighty young trainer’s golden eyes begin to glow with curiosity, guts and encouragement. “Now it really becomes interesting and challenging, what an Arzen! Let’s see what we got.”

“If you don’t mind, miss, I will start it first.” Arzen suddenly speaks in his glamorous voice, pointing straight towards Shine’s partner-Jezrabbit. He orders his Pokémon with a shout: “Strike, Swordhox!”

Swordhox immediately give its pink-rabbit opponent an observing glare, and then it directly rushes forward and thrust the samurai sword ferociously at well-alerted Jezrabbit......


Jezrabbit’s skill in Kung-Fu is trained together with Shine, its best trainer and friend. It quickly blocks Swordhox’s first strike using the priest wand. The samurai fox Pokémon continues its storming slash-attacks, but Jezrabbit is able to cut down every single strike steadily. Its pink face grinned slightly in confidence, together with Shine’s guiding call-out: “Strike his abdomen!”

The golden wand immediately hurl towards Swordhox’s tummy with speed and power. Arzen feels letting this attack hit brings no good at all, he burst out shouting: “Intercept it now!”

The grey-cloaked fox Pokémon is frozen for a while, but it managed to use the samurai sword to block Jezrabbit’s furious wand strike in a split second. Their weapons, one glowing in gold and another glitters in silver, are now crossing on each other in a battle of strength. Both Jezrabbit and Swordhox try hard to overpower the opponent, tiny sweat drops emerge from their arms and forehead.

“W...what? That normal type bunny can stop my steel and fighting type Swordhox?!” Arzen’s smile of pride has totally evaporated; his blue eyes are filled with astonishment. His mutters sound slightly trembling: “Just......HOW she trained her Pokémon?!”

“And that’s not all!” Shine suddenly shouts out in a definite tone, seeing Jezrabbit’s wand is still competing with the sword in front of Swordhox: “Now! Jewel Beam!!!”

“Jezzu!!!” Jezrabbit smiles cutely in reply, the jewel bead embedded on the top of its priest wand begins to glow sharply in red light, and a beam of laser shots out like an arrow towards Swordhox’s shocked-looking face......

Arzen roars out aloud in dismay: “Watch out!!!”

“Zass!!!” The Jewel Beam creates a burned-black patch upon impact with the battlefield ground. Both Shine and Jezrabbit scan around in cautious after Swordhox pulls away its sword in reflex and narrowly escape this blow. Arzen’s heart is thumping heavily because of his surprisingly amazing rivals, with the fox Pokémon panting roughly and hold up its arm-length sword.

Headmaster Dion, together with Miss Hoon and the other teachers of SilverLeaf watch this fate-deciding, breath-taking duel in fright and nervous. His mind is occupied with though: “That unknown guy is good after all......where does he come from?”

“What a strike......” Arzen’s dark-silver hair is wet with sweat. The pride and intellect in his facial expression are replaced with a whiff of violent rage and steely determination. He flings off the salty humid around his face, and glares as sharp as a razor at Shine’s shoujo face, shout towards the half-exhausted Swordhox: “You had seen nothing yet! I WILL win this! Swordhox, PETAL CUTTER!!!”

Receiving its trainer’s enraged command, Swordhox’s maroon eyes glow in cold. This rare fox Pokémon holds up the samurai sword horizontally below its face, and the glittering blade starts to unleash a mysterious pink light, growing brighter and brighter, together with slight breeze spiralling around the battle arena......

“It’s one of Swordhox’s trump cards!” The crowd of students, trainers and street people witnessing the moment begin to yell, mumble and whisper, either discussing or in awe and shock.

Strong alert and some curiosity are wobbling in Shine’s mind. She notices that Jezrabbit turns around with the golden wand firmly gripped in hand, nods and smiles to her to pass courage. This young trainer grins back in double dose of bravery.

As Arzen’s handsome face is emotionless and eyes are burning in violence, Swordhox thrusts the pink-glittering sword forward like a powerful thunder. Thousands of Sakura petals blast out from its weapon, and head directly towards the ready-to-face-anything Jezrabbit in a furious swarm.

“Whoosh~~” The storm of Sakura petal blades approach Shine’s side of battlefield like a tsunami. She immediately calls to the priest rabbit Pokémon: “Light Circle!!!”

“Jezzu!” Jezrabbit, facing the opponent’s attack fearlessly, reacts without hesitating for half a second. It swings the priest wand in arc around its green coat, creating a dozen of yellow-light circles. Both of them wait steadily for the moment to face.

When the swarm of steel Sakura blades brush through the area where Jezrabbit stood, the twelve glowing circles orbits and spins faster than anything all around its body, slashing apart every single threatening petals.

“N......NO WAY!” Arzen is more than thunderstruck when he finds out Swordhox’s powerful attack is wiped out completely in ten seconds. His eyes grow so wide until they seems to burst open. Overwhelming amazement, slight horror......everything is on his face. Even Swordhox stares at the smiling Jezrabbit unbelievably......its sword almost drops off from its grip.

Interesting......so interesting......It’s been a while since I saw such an outstanding, amazing Pokémon trainer......And young girl as well. Maybe......I’ll discover more about what I always looking for during these long, lonely years, if I keep her around......or she stays around......

“And that’s what you’ve got? “ Shine’s stable voice summoned Arzen’s attention back to the Pokémon battlefield from his though full with shock and wild guesses. Shine and Jezrabbit nod to each other in approval, their eyes glowing exactly in determination to win, even though they stood and stare at him from different angle. Then, this shoujo trainer announces in a brave grin: “Now, it’s OUR turn to shine!”

This question-marked shounen’s heart beats even faster and heavier......Both he and the fox Pokémon feel a deep pressure. Arzen even catch a sudden fear of what will come next......it MUST be a gracious attack......

Shine and Jezrabbit open both of their arms wide in the motive of embracement, as the golden priest wand starts to float in mid-air, forming an ancient logo of the sun in front of them......gentle current of energy flows around the crowded battle arena when both the trainer and the rabbit Pokémon smiled together in joy.

Shine chants aloud as she and Jezrabbit stretch their arms forward, as in ecstasy: “Behold our judgement......”


A giant sphere of heat and light is formed in front of the ancient sun logo, almost luring Headmaster Dion, the other teachers, spectators from the town and every trainer students into blinding illumination. Arzen glares at the shocking scene, completely frozen in his place. Swordhox, holding its samurai sword blankly, can do nothing but witness a massive beam shots out of the sphere and head directly to its direction......

The whole SilverLeaf Pokémon Training Academy is bathed in this enormous radiation of sun-like light. Almost every shadow in this school is wiped away in that split second. As the Bless-of-Sun comes to an end, the giant sphere vanishes completely, and the vision of every watchers of this trainer fight is finally cleared.

Everyone-mostly the members from young to old, raw or experienced of the SilverLeaf Academy, observes the battlefield nervously and can’t wait to make sure of the duel result. What they first see is Shine and Jezrabbit stood side by side in a whiff of leftover light, just like everything is fine about them. The priest wand with red jewel is back into the pink rabbit Pokémon’s hand.

“Ugh......it’s so, so bright......” Arzen is half-lying on the East side trainer-standing area, muttering some words as he reopened his sapphire-blue eyes. The illuminating attack hurt them quite much. He crawls back up from the ground with some effort, and suddenly finds Swordhox lying motionlessly on the middle of battlefield.

The Pokémon has burns and scratches all over its body, obviously has fainted due to the powerful, unexpected attack. A hole is on the soil below where it lied. The glittering sword is on the floor beside it, unattended.

“Swordhox......” The handsome shounen trainer continues to murmur in worry and pain as he kneels down beside the Swordhox. A beam of red light comes out from the Pokéball in his trembling hand, retrieving the wounded Pokémon and its born-with weapon.

Arzen’s face is full with sorrow and disappointment: “Sorry. I......still lost at last......” He almost sounds like crying quietly. Pride and underestimation is nowhere found on him anymore.

The massive crowd formed by mostly SilverLeaf Academy pupils and teachers-including the authority-threatened Headmaster Dion, and citizens of Tensaki City, stays silent for ten seconds before exploding in cheers, yells, discussions and various reaction of joy. Shine won! She defended the best Pokémon training academy in North Neon! She saved Dion’s hard work! She defeated challenger Arzen!!!

“Well done, mighty Shine!” Miss Hoon almost utters her praise in a singing tune, because she is way too happy to speak normally. All the spectators of this marvellous-of course victorious Pokémon battle immediately rush forward, flooding the amateur girl trainer and her cute-smiling Jezrabbit in various congratulations. As Headmaster Dion approaches her with his band of teachers, everyone quickly makes way for them.

Shine, hugging her relaxed and happy Jezrabbit, is just going to bow and greet the headmaster of SilverLeaf when Dion grabs her hand tightly but gently, taking the lead to announce and shout aloud proudly: “Good job, Shine! Everyone, bring up our young champion!!!”

“W-wait, headmaster! Oh~~” Shine has just enough time to scream in both delight and fright when the crowd of watchers alias supporters carry her up above their head together, throw her into the air and catch her again and again. Everyone shares their happiness and appreciation by cheering to the top of their voice, until Shine notices Arzen standing lonely at the border of battle arena, with a bitter and struggling expression.

She jumps away from the exciting crowd’s throw-and-catch celebration using a Kung-Fu leap, and lands with a heavy thud several steps away from her defeated, handsome opponent. All the people near this battlefield are startled for her sudden action, especially Arzen. He almost bounces up like been electrified when she arises from the jump-landing posture, and his face immediately conquered by deep regrets and coldness: “W-what do you want from me? I did lose, and failed, anyway.”

“Yes, we’ve forgot about you too, young villain!” The teachers of SilverLeaf Academy surround Arzen in a flash, all have unhappy and angry look on their face. Miss Hoon paces towards the mysterious, but proved troublesome shounen, glaring him with a fierce blaze in her eyes. “We are not going easy on you! So proud and annoying, huh? You deserve real punishment!”

Arzen’s attractive face looks very uneasy, for being defeated and now disliked by these elderly trainers. He bites his lips in mute for a while, finally speak in a low tone solemnly: “Do what you like. “

“Hang on, Miss Hoon! Everyone!” To the spectators and watchers’ surprise, Shine suddenly calls aloud in order to stop this storm-ahead situation, and rushes to Headmaster Dion’s direction quickly on her armoured boots. She gives the surprised man a true-hearted 90 degree bow, then reveals her request in an uncertain but brave tone, with a palm on her chest: “Headmaster, as the one who beat Arzen......may I ask you......to FORGIVE him?”
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