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Pokemon Neon-Legend (Chapter 1c)

by Tingfeng-Anna

Tingfeng-Anna Quite a long time since chapter 1b, and for no reason I'm writing quite slow......phew! This is really a long chapter-and long long story. I wonder if it's completed, will it become a novel? :)
Thankx for reading my work!!! I'll do my best to keep it good. Like if you enjoy it, comment if you want to teach me something or share your feedbacks!
Shine’s legs that are wearing a pair of glittering, light-steel armour boots give out an extremely rapid, impatient series of stepping sound when she is running in full boost towards SilverLeaf Academy. Dozens of familiar, busy streets and citizens around her zoom pass like a flowing picture. After five plus minutes, the unique aluminium-crafted front gate of the famous school finally appears upon her vision field.

“The feeling just like a horrible storm coming ahead......it’s growing stronger and stronger! This is definitely NO GOOD!!!” This young, athletic and Kung-Fu professional shoujo fully believes in her accurate instincts, growing even more worried and nervous. When approaching the last few metres before the aluminium gate, Shine immediately jumps up into mid-air, flipping her body upside own using her flexible and tough arms performing a graceful somersault, finally lands with a heavy “thump” and glides her way towards the school gate using her steel-armour boots.

When Shine manages to end this vigorous, speedy glide, stopping right in the middle upon the widely-opened school gate, she is completely shocked by the unbelievably large amount of student-trainers and teachers crowding at one of the outdoor Pokémon battlefield in SilverLeaf Academy. “Isn’t today a Saturday plus public off? What the heck is going on......?! At this time? Mostly trouble!!!”

“Shine! Thank God!!! You actually come even before we give you an urgent call!!! “As the golden-haired teen girl paces rapidly towards the horrified-looking SilverLeaf Academy schoolmates, one woman teacher that is extra-familiar to her, Miss Hoon, that forever paints her fingernails blue dashes across the massive crowd towards her. She almost screamed with both delight and fear: “We have an extremely serious trouble here and really need your help as our best student-trainer!!!”

Before the completely-shocked Shine have another second to recover, Miss Hoon has already grab her right-hand waist tightly and dragging her quickly towards the open Pokémon battlefield. The pitiful fifteen year-old shoujo that does not understand anything about the reason of this chaos feels terribly stunned, she tries very hard shouting at the over-frightened teacher who almost makes her lose footing by over-dragging: “ Miss Hoon! C......calm down, let me walk on my own!!! I’m......I’m almost kissing the floor like this......”

A self-conceited, low-tuned, glamorous voice that sounds like a young guy suddenly interrupts both their actions: “Well, well, seems like another person is coming to challenge me back! But it’s no use, I will beat you too. “

“Who are you there?!” Shine immediately detects a trail of unfriendly from the person’s speaking way, and glares straight forward at his direction with a fully-alarmed and nervous heart. As this shoujo trainer finds Miss Hoon that stood two steps behind-who’s usually daring and cheerful has a great worried, depressed and serious look on her face......she knows that a very big trouble is ahead.

About five metres in front of young Shine and Miss Hoon who is a ten-year experienced teacher from this SilverLeaf Academy, is an unbelievably handsome and intelligent-looking young man. He has short, black-silver hair, and attractive blue eyes. He stood there watching the alerted student and the anxious teacher in a relaxed and easy position, a silver scarf on his neck is drifting slowly by the breeze. Plus the indigo jeans and long sleeve white yarn shirt that he wears-that looks quite lazy and annoying.

“This shounen suddenly approached our academy three hours ago early morning, and defeated the security guards in a Pokémon battle to force Headmaster Dion meet him. He challenged that if none of the student-trainers in SilverLeaf Academy can defeat him, the authority as our headmaster will become his. “ Miss Hoon, a very experienced teacher who served this school for almost ten years until now, tells Shine quietly with a heavy heart: “We actually doesn’t want to affect your honour as North Neon’s best student-trainer and your early-graduation, but every single of your schoolmates, even ME and other teachers are finished with zero chance of winning......please beat him, Shine, you are SilverLeaf Academy’s last and only chance!!!”

“ So, this is really a ton-heavy responsibility that I MUST shoulder this time, huh......” Young, mighty Shine gives out a no-choice and surrendering sigh, and then immediately accepts her fate and burden with a sun-like, brilliant smile. The Pokéball that contains her best and only partner for now-Jezrabbit is taken out from her skirt pocket: “Okay then, I will win this!!!”

As Miss Hoon, together with the gorgeous crowd of other SilverLeaf teachers and student-trainers discover the courageous and ready-for-anything look on this shoujo’s face, they all start to cheer and shout loudly while she and the enchantingly-handsome, proud young man paces slowly towards a Pokémon battlefield together. The whole SilverLeaf Academy is gathering all their strength and last hope onto this ambitious, young teen girl! It’s a trainer battle that bets a great amount of glory!!!

“What’s your name there, challenger?” She stares directly at the proud and very relaxed-looking shounen’s blue eyes, while nearly approaching the battlefield that is jam-surrounded with a large amount of spectators, questioning with an aware but polite tune: “I am Shine. “

The glamorous young man grinned charmingly and with deep-hidden intelligence, but still very arrogant. He reaches his trainer-gloved hand into his jeans pocket for a Pokéball, and then marches onto the trainer-standing site of battlefield in a readying position coolly: “I am Arzen.”

“So now, who will become the judge this time?” Dion’s very low, but unexpectedly steady voice suddenly reaches the mysterious shounen-Arzen, and probably the best student in SilverLeaf Academy’s history-Shine’s ears. “I myself will do this! “

Both the challenged and the challenger glared unbelievably towards Dion, who is the main victim that will be affected the worst in this chaos. Shine’s golden eyes are fully stuffed by complicated emotions, indecisive and worry, strong will to win and fear to lost: “H......headmaster......”

This seriously-troubled headmaster gently squeezes his way through the extremely-worried crowd of member from his academy, and readily stood onto the side area beside the battlefield special for the trainer-battle judge. He rises up both his arms straight into the air, shouts out very loudly: “Everyone! No matter you’re from SilverLeaf or from anywhere else, this is just a Pokémon battle that bets the authority of mine to stay here. Do not matter if I leave, for my teachings and knowledge will still with you until the end of the Neon Region!!! And for you, mighty young Shine......”

Headmaster Dion slowly turns towards the almost-burst-in-tears shoujo that is trying hard to make herself determine and calm down. Emotion of tranquil and believe appears on his aged, quite wrinkled face when Shine comes to sight. He looks fearlessly at Arzen which is ready to throw out his Pokéball, becoming a little bit impatient, and then calls out for Shine in a believing tone:

“I know you can do it, young mighty shoujo! Just battle with everything you have, try your very best to be victorious this time. No matter you fail or succeed, you are always the most excellent one in everyone’s heart!!! Until forever!”

When Dion saw the glowing light of confidence of victory in this beloved student’s eyes begins to grow, fear and uncertain burning away when she too postures herself into Pokéball-throwing mode, he begins to smile very, very satisfyingly, full with pride and overflowed with hope. This man suddenly has an unexplainable, mystical feeling......Shine in this breath-taking moment and tough-determined emotion is AS BRIGHT AND AS POWERFUL AS THE REAL SUN......

“I will defend Headmaster Dion’s place,” Shine’s glittering golden eyes that has courage and deep believe burning right inside, glared directly at Arzen that stood 10 metres opposite her, which makes him freeze and totally shocked for a little while. The powerful words in her heart are like bursting out from her facial expression: “I am going to defeat you HERE, in our SilverLeaf Academy, Arzen!”

“Seems like this little girl is not an easy one to duel, huh......”The intelligence-hidden, charming and handsome looking young man grins slightly after recovered from the great astonishment. His blue eyes wink back mysteriously at Shine in reply while holding up his Pokéball: “Whatever, let’s start this trainer battle. I believe I’ll win as well, Shine.”

As extra-serious looking Headmaster Dion observes that both the unfriendly shounen challenger and his favourite, best teen girl student are fully ready, he immediately points his left index finger at the middle of battlefield, remains on the judge-standing area and calls out aloud with his old but clear voice:

“Now, in SilverLeaf Academy is the Pokémon battle between representative Shine and authority challenger Arzen!!! Trainers! Ready......”

Every single student-trainer no matter juniors or seniors, and also the whole crowd of teachers no matter knowing Shine extremely well or not, all the members of this endangered Pokémon training academy become very nervous, excited and depressed by this breath-taking moment. Miss Hoon too stares at Shine with deeply worried, but hopeful eyes.

“Get set~~”

“Let’s do this, Jezrabbit!” The young, mighty shoujo-Shine looks directly at the opposite East side of Pokémon battlefield, with a sharp and powerful glare which will depress anyone who saw it. She holds the only partner-occupied Pokéball she owned very tightly. ”To defend both of us’ and our friend’s pride!!!”

“I am looking forward to enjoy the fun being a famous academy’s youngest headmaster......”Arzen, the mysterious but strength-hidden glamorous shounen grins with very slight evil, also spinning the Pokéball in hand determinedly: “Let’s slug it out, blond hair-and-eyed little girl!”

Almost every single living creature-mostly the exploding crowd of SilverLeaf Academy’s educating and educated members halt their breathing and heartbeat, when Headmaster Dion’s loud and bursting voice echoes across the whole area: