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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (Me and My Friends)

by BLOO Muffin

BLOO Muffin Ok, here is the story of how I met my friends in this version
Me: huh?
Pika Ana: *pokes my head*
Rollui: is she dead?
Me: *suprised* a legendary pokemon!!!
Pika Ana: *whispers to rollui* wow she is so weird
Me: a talking Pikachu!!! *pinches myself* owww!
Pika Ana: calm down Buneary
Me: I have a...wait Buneary? *looks at my hands* what? *looks at the water* AHHH!!!
Pika Ana: ride on roll we will get sticks and go camping roll will set the fire
Me: *jumps on roll's back*
Rollui: let's go!! *runs very fast*
Me: woah!!
Pika Ana: isn't this awesome?
Me: yep!
Rollui: okay um is this great open space?
Pika Ana: sure. who will get the sticks?
Me,Rollui and Pika Ana: 1 2 3 not it!!!!
Me and Pika Ana: *looks at Rollui* you go!!
Rollui: fine *rolls eyes*
To Be Continued...