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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers Of Time: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Expolers Of Time Chapter 2: Adventure Is Out There!i

by Twilight Nova

Twilight Nova Here's chapter 2! I'm gonna shoot for 3 likes, after three likes the next chapter shall come! Enjoy! ^.^ btw I'm getting kinda sick so I might seem loopy
Max and Avery walked side by side towards Beach Cave, which was the cave that the thieves who stole Max's Relic Fragment had escaped into.

Max looked at Avery, and saw the blaze of sunset colors such as orange and red behind her made it look like she had the usual Cyndaquil flame. It made her seem pretty.

Avery felt Max's eyes on her. She turned and saw him starting at her, and asked him, "What?" This made Max realize he was starring and stiffen up, his already red cheeks blushing. "I uh.... Was watching the Krabby's bubbles and the sunset. Ya, that's what I was looking at," he quickly lied. Avery knew this wasn't so and giggled. He began walking ahead of her and she noticed the sun on his yellow fur made it look like he was true electricity. It suited him.

Aw they battled their way through the damp, dark, and rocky cave, Max did most the fighting, using the electric skills he's been honing since birth to make the Coralies and Sheldons faint. Avery felt bad that her Tackle wasn't much help, but she had no clue to create flame.

After going down a few flights of stairs, they came into the bottom of Beach Cave. It was mostly water, which stretched out into the darkness of the cave. Sea water, by what Avery's nose told her. The rest was a small island of sand, on which Zubat and Koffing were laughing on near the edge opposite of the entrance. Max dashed up on all fours, then stood and growled with incredible courage, "Hey! Stink Brain and Flappy Head!" He cat-called.

Koffing turned and laughed, "Woah-ho-ho! Look who's here! It's our old friend the chicken!" Max flinched, and the two knew they had hit a nerve. Max shouted, "Give me..... Give me back what you stole from me! That's my personal treasure! It means everything to me!" Zubat chimed in, "Treasure, eh? Might be worth more than we hoped! We should sell it."

Avery lost it and opened her mouth to shout in anger, but a large pillar of flame came out and made the two thieves almost Immediately faint. Koffing groaned, " Ugh...." Zubat moaned, "Ack..... If you want it so bad, take it!" Koffing tossed Max his Relic Fragment and the two hightailed out.

Max and Avery cheered happily and soon found they were hugging. They separated and awkwardly cleared throats and looked away, but the two got over it and left the cave.

Max set his Relic Fragment on the sand. "You know, I came to this town to join a Guild, so I can go on adventures and get more treasure like this, but..... I chickened out I've just always loved the idea of being on an Exploration team! You know, treasure, fame, adventure, finding places, things, and Pokemon no one knew about! But...... I'd need an Exploration Team to join anyway...," he explained. Avery nodded in agreement, then waited for what she knew was coming. Max perked up from slouching in sadness. "Wait..... Would you like to make an Exploration Team with me...?" He asked hopefully. Avery threw her hands in the air and replied happily, "Of course! Your an awesome Pokemon, and maybe we can recover my memory!" Max fist pumped in victory, and so did Avery. The two began walking towards the beach's exit, the opposite en of the beach from Beach Cave. Avery added in, "Adventure is out there!"
  1. Twilight Nova
    Twilight Nova
    Aug 28, 2015