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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explores of Ice

by NevaehAmoria

NevaehAmoria This Contains the movie Frozen and Pokemon and some spoilers. And This is all in Elsa's point of view. Enjoy
Chapter 1: Waking Up to a New World

After I slipped and starting to go unconscious I heard the word " Sneasel." After passing out I slowly woke up looking around my surrounds...I'm in a jail and I have a t-t-tail?! " A t-t-tail?" I asked myself looking at my light blue triangle like tail. It also had a darker blue tip. I narrowed my eyes. No Elsa this is all a dream you are not some fox ice thing... I thought, looking at the chains on my light blue paws. No...not a dream...a nightmare...if this was a dream I would've been with An-
" Where is Anna?" I asked myself trying to move to the window. Looking outside seeing everything frozen solid...." What have I done..." I mumbled, hearing a door open. I turned my head. Seeing a blue cat standing up with a pink leaf for its right ear and a yellow gem on its forehead. The cat thing was also wearing Hans's uniform... " H-Hans?" I asked. The cat thing nodded. " Elsa..."
" Wheres Anna?" I asked. Hans looked at me. " Your sister hasn't returned..." he said. I looked at him in fear..remembering that I stroked her heart with my magic..is Anna dead? No..Anna is strong she can't be dead!
" Elsa...we need you to stop this winter." Hans said crossing his...claws. " Don't you see? I can't." I mumbled, looking away. Soon Hans left leaving me in this jail. As soon as he left I tried to struggle free no use...then I used my magic freezing the chains with an ice beam that came from my mouth. As soon as I was free I jumped out the window, onto the ice running away. Then a blizzard started to appear making it hard to see where I was going..." Elsa!" Hans called. I turned my head, backing away. " Take my sister and-"
" Your sister is dead! Because of you!"
Anna...is dead...because of me...I'm a monster..I killed my own sister.. I thought falling to the ground. Hearing Hans take out his sword, I stayed still....I have nothing to live for since Anna is dead...Closing my eyes shut, I heard something breaking into pieces like glass. My eyes shot open seeing my sister frozen solid. " A-Anna!" I cried looking at my sister who also turned into a fox thing. I started to cry holding my frozen sister tight. And at the corner of my eye I see a two reindeer with white antlers and beside them was a floating ice-cream cone with a carrot nose...I thought I was going mad..weird animals, a ice-cream that looks like Olaf...but I didn't care all I want was my sister to come back and build snowmen with me like we used to when we were little kids...." Do you wanna build a snowman?" I cried shutting my eyes and holding my sister. " I'm so sorry..."
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