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Pokemon Mercanaries Part 1: The Mission

by BurritotimeSB

BurritotimeSB Chapter 1 in a 6 part series
as we left off, a mysterious man is about to give Grey a mission anyway lets start things off!

"Where are we?" said a guard. "The last thing I remember is getting a sharp pain in my chest" another Guard said wryly. the lead guards Arcanine was sniffing at the ground. it seemed like it remembered something. "Arcanine!" ''Do you remember anything"? The Guard asked. Arcanine nodded it's head

''what mission"? Grey asked "as you already know I sent you to get the Crystal. Right".
''right"! "he knew the man was mysterious mostly because he did not have his face shown on his poke gear" but he knew he had a good cause. "well that crystal is actually a meteorite and it belongs to a legendary Pokémon named Deoxys" the mysterious man exclaimed. "and it needs its meteorites back before it gets them back himself"

"but I thought it only has one meteorite". Grey asked. "no it has 3 and you will have to team up with 2 other people" the mysterious man said. "And I know what you are thinking'' the mysterious man said. "You work alone". "but you already gave me your word" the mysterious man said. Grey had to admit the man was right HE did give him his word and now he had to keep it. "you will meet up in Saffron city" the man said "so long." he said.

all of a sudden Grey felt an electric shock "Oh Cr--" he exclaimed when he blacked out falling to the ground
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