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Pokemon: Hoenn Adventure Part 3

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox This time..... HOLY CRAP A WARTORTLE!!!! BADA- Okay Gabe you can stop.
The next morning, Gabe got up early, and got ready. He went out to the ship yard, so he could find Old man Briney and ask him to take him and Brendan to Dewford Town. "Of Course!" The Nice Oldtimer agreed. They set sail and got onto the boat, which was sailing pretty fast. Gabe, his Squirtle and Brendan's Slakoth were napping, Brendan and Aron were fishing, and Poochyena was playing with Peeko. "Mr. Briney, are you sure that Wail-" Brendan was interrupted. "Don't worry, the pokemon that your looking for is near here!" The old sailor assured. "Okay, thanks sir." Brendan nodded. "Skittys and Digletts punch Ash Ketchup in Unova...." Gabe mumbled, saying nonsense. "Ash Ketchup? You mean Red Crimson? He just played Ash in that play." Brendan explained, oblivious that his friend was sleeping. "WAAAH!!!!" Mr. Briney cried. They turned around to see Mr. Briney getting attacked by a Basculin and some Sharpedo. "Go, Slakoth!" Brendan shouted, but the slacker pokemon was dead asleep. "I have a rare candy...." Brendan convinced. Slakoth popped up, and started using fury swipes repeatedly. "Squirtle, Tackle with full... uh.... Turtleness!" Gabe commanded. "Now, Slash, then yawn!" Brendan commanded. "Headbutt!" Gabe shouted. The attacks hit, but the pokemon launched water guns, then bites. Then, for once, someone came in handy. "Shelgon, Fire Blast!" He shouted. There stood Drake on top of a Rhydon using surf. "Now, dragon pulse!" His Bagon must of evolved... Gabe thought. Now, Slakoth and Squirtle started glowing. After a few moments, Squirtle stood their, but he wasn't. He was now purplish blue, had a fluffier tail and wings on his head. "HOLY CRAP A WARTORLE!!!! BADA-" Gabe was interrupted by Brendan. "Okay Gabe you can stop." Slakoth was bigger, faster and whitish brown. Basically, he became... Ferocious! "Vigoroth!!!!" The pokemon roared. The two newly evolved pokemon charged at the sharks with a rage and a ice punch. The impact was big, but Mr. Briney caught the Basculin, Drake captured Sharpedo, and Brendan seemed to capture something else, it was big and round. The rest of the journey was safe, but Gabe was annoyed he didn't capture anything.