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Pokemon: Hoenn Advanced Chapter 1

by Adrian2AMBoss

Adrian2AMBoss A Young Trainer named Nathan comes to the Professor's Lab. But, When he finds out that there's only 1 Pokemon, He gets nervous while his Rival, Damien acts like a Happy Jackass pissing his pants cuz he's got a Mudkip.
One Day, A Guy named Nathan was riding his Bike in the Forest. He was as Happy as can be. But then, He's got a Phone Call by One of his Friends, May. "Nathan, Go to the Professor's Lab! We're gonna get a Pokemon!" May said. "I'll be there for a Pokemon! SWEET!!!" Nathan said. He arrived at the Lab. "Hello. I'm the Professor of the Hoenn Region." the Professor said. "Choose a Pokemon! I've only gotten 2 because someone named Damien took Mudkip." "Damien!!?! That Little Rat!" Nathan said. "I choose Torchic. It's So Cute!" May said, getting Torchic's Pokeball. "Then I choose Treecko! I love Grass Types, especially Treecko!" Nathan said. "Here's A Pokedex and some Pokeballs." the Professor said. While Nathan came outside, May came. "Let's Battle! Let's See what our Pokemon know! May said. Treecko came out of it's Pokeball by itself, saying it doesn't like Pokeballs. "Treecko, Quick Attack Now!" Nathan demanded. Treecko was so fast, It hit it at the nick of time. "Torchic, Use Peck!" May demanded. "DODGE IT!" Nathan demanded. Treecko dodged it. "Finish it with Quick Attack!" Nathan demanded. "Counter it with Tackle!" May demanded. Torchic fainted. "I won!" Nathan said. Treecko leveled up to Level 7 and Learned Leaf Blade! "Can I come with you? PLEASE?! PLEASE?!" May asked. "Ok......" Nathan replied.