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Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver: Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver: The strange Transformation

by Pokeshy22

Pokeshy22 (I was inspired by a story I read on DeviantArt) When young 18 year old Meg gets a strange looking gem, something insane happens.....
Meg just left from prom, her dress was a long silky Sky blue gown, with white and periwinkle lace and a white ribbon that was tied around her waist. She was fair skinned, with amber hair. Her hair was in a side pony tail and her pony tail reached to her elbow. Her eyes were hazel colored. Meg was just about to head to the school to get picked up when she heard a voice, "Hey Meg! Wait up!! I have something for you!" Meg turned around and saw her friend Ryan. He ran up to her and handed her something. Ryan spoke, "This is for you. It's your favorite color, Sky blue." The item was wrapped in a white cloth with a coral ribbon tied to it.

Meg took it and spoke, "Thanks Ryan." Then she hugged her friend and walked to the school. Then when she got home and told her Mom about Ryan giving her the gift. Then her Pokemon, Vaporeon came and greeted her. Meg was just about to change when she decided to unwrap the gift. She then saw a strange looking gem that was indeed, sky blue. she held it in her hands and walked into the backyard and showed the gem to the water Pokemon who lived there. Meg spoke, "Pretty isn't it? I got it from a friend of mine." Then it began to glow and then Meg suddenly fell to her knees. She looked and the stone was gone. She looked at her hand and it was shaking violently, then two of her fingers vanished. The remaining three morphed into a paw, then her arm shook and it became thin and sky blue colored. Her other arm did the same thing, then her hips and thighs became one and they grew large and wide. Her back legs grew thin and became sky blue, then on both of her feet her last two toes vanished and her three remaining toes morphed and became back paws. Her body became wide and she become four legged. Her body became sky blue colored, her amber hair became purple and the hair tie snapped and her hair became a mane. Meg fainted from her body taking too much pressure. Meg heard a voice, a strange voice, it sounded like a person, but not someone she recognized.

The voice spoke, "Meg, Meg! Wake up!!"

Then another voice spoke, "Her name is Meg?" Then Meg woke up and saw, her Vaporeon and a Wartortle.

Meg spoke, "How, how can I understand you two?" The two looked at her.

The Wartortle spoke, "You mean you don't know that your a Pokemon?" Meg looked at the Wartortle like he had two heads.

Varporeon spoke, "Come on Meg, I want you to see yourself." Then Varporeon and Meg walked to the lake and Meg saw, a Suicune. She blinked, she was speechless by what she was seeing she thought she was dreaming at first but she realized it was true; She became a Suicune.
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