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Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver: Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver: The little surprise

by Pokeshy22

Pokeshy22 Zoey finds an abandoned tiny baby Pokémon and decides to take care of it.
Zoey was fast asleep in her bed. All was calm until loud, scratching noises woke Zoey right up. Zoey shook and spoke, "W-what was that?!"
Then She got out of bed and followed the Scratching noises right into the backyard. She then looked down and saw a tiny gray and black Pokémon, it was scratching at the fence, trying to escape. The poor little Pokémon was bleeding with bruises all over it's little body. Zoey felt deep sympathy for the little one. She walked closer and saw it was a Gray and black baby Eevee, it was so small and so frightened. Zoey spoke, "I'm going to need a towel." Zoey then ran into the house and grabbed a light blue towel. She then ran back outside and approached the baby. The Baby Eevee saw Zoey and became fearful and curled up into a ball.

The baby spoke, "Please don't hurt me! Please! I've been through enough already!"

Zoey replied, "No, I'm not going to hurt you. I'm here to help you." She the wrapped the baby Eevee in the towel and walked into her house. She then turned on the bath tub faucet. once the tub was filled one fourth of the way, Zoey placed the baby in the tub and shut off the water. Amy and Jen walked into the bathroom tired as ever.

Amy asked, "Zo, what are you doing, it's 3:30 am, no one is up this early."

Zoey replied, "Well this baby Eevee was disowned and abandoned by it's Trainer."

Jen spoke, "Why would anyone abandon such a cute little thing."

Zoey replied, "Most likely because it's Male. He also speaks using Telepathy."

The Baby spoke shyly, "H-hello." Amy and Jen's eyes lit up.

Lugia appeared, and asked, "Zoey, where did you get this baby from?"

Zoey replied, "Some Trainer disowned and abandoned this little guy in my backyard."

The baby spoke, "She was mean and very selfish. She was upset all because I was a male and not female. What do people have against male Eevees?" Then the baby coughed and threw up. Zoey pulled the Baby out and drained the tub. She then wrapped him up in a silver and brown stripped towel.

Amy spoke, "Something doesn't look right." Then she felt his forehead. "He's got a fever!"

Zoey spoke, "Oh boy, he's really sick. We got to get him to the Pokémon center."


Nurse Joy spoke, "I'm surprised someone would just abandon such a rare breed of Eevee. Metallic Eevees are so rare that people would die to have one."

Zoey spoke, "The Eevee told me that he was abused and disowned all because he was male instead of female."

Nurse Joy replied, "I've been getting lots of male Eevees lately, it seems people don't seem to like male Eevees for some unknown reason."

Zoey replied, "I'll take care of him, he really needs a place to call home and someone to take care of him."

Nurse Joy replied, "That's very sweet of you Zoey. What are you going to name him? "

Zoey thought for a minute then spoke, "I'll call him, Comet."
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