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Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver: Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver: The Johto journey.

by Pokeshy22

Pokeshy22 A young foster child (more of a foster teenager) who has been emotionally broken by her foster family multiple times, finally becomes free from a unexpected new friend.... (side note: in this series there are two dimensions, one is earth with Pokemon and the other is earth without Pokemon. It is possible to go the other dimension but only with the help of a Legendary Pokemon)
Zoey sat on the guest bedroom bed, scratching her arm until there was deep red marks. This was very usual for Zoey, She was placed in the Maryland foster care system and has been with this family for ten years. She walked back upstairs and went into her room. She lay down on her bed and weeped. She got up and went into her closet and opened it, finding her old Pokémon stuffies. She pulled one out and placed it on her bed, the stuffed animal was the Legendary Pokémon, Lugia.

Zoey spoke, "I wish you were real, then I would have someone who would care about me and understand." Then tears formed in her eyes and a tear landed very close to the stuffed Pokémon. Then the tear began to glow, Zoey then left the room and the tear entered into the Stuffed Pokémon's chest and then the stuffed Pokémon began to glow. Zoey walked into the back yard rubbing her arm. She looked into the sky and held her hands and made a wish she has made on the evening star for years, "Please, please, please, wish for a true friend." Then she walked to a willow tree not too far from her house and sat under it as rain began to fall. Then Zoey closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around her legs and cried. Then the girl felt large wings around her, they were soft and smooth. She released her legs and opened her eyes and looked up and saw a huge white creature keeping her warm and dry. The Creature moved it's head by her.

Then it spoke, "Hello, I am Lugia, a Legendary Pokemon. What is your name?"

Zoey replied, "I'm Zoey." Lugia then removed his wings from Zoey and then was floating in front of her. Zoey tried to comprehend the gravity of it all. Am I dreaming, or this really real?

Lugia replied, "Well, Zoey are you ready to go?"

Zoey replied, "Go? Go where?"

Lugia replied, "To the Johto region of course." Lugia then landed and lay down, then he looked at Zoey. Zoey was confused she didn't know what Lugia wanted. Lugia spoke, "Get on, it's OK, you can trust me." Zoey then sat on Lugia's back, and thought to herself, I can't believe I'm on Lugia's back this is amazing.

Then Zoey heard a familiar, and frightening voice, "ZOEY! Zoey, you better get your f***ing a** over here!" Zoey covered her face with her hand and cried, whilst shaking.

Lugia then sensed Zoey's fear, and spoke, "Zoey it's OK, you don't have to go through any more pain." Zoey looked up and dried her eyes. Then Lugia spoke, "Hold on tight, it's going to be a bumpy ride." Zoey nodded and held on. Then Lugia flew into the air and went high into the clouds. Zoey saw the sky and felt the sunshine on her face and felt the winds. She felt so free and she felt safe being away from home. Then Lugia spoke, "Zoey, you have to hold on extremely tight." Zoey decided not to ask and just held on as tight as she could to Lugia and shut her eyes. Lugia then dived downward very fast, Zoey got very close to Lugia. Then Lugia flew above the ocean. Lugia spoke, "You can open your eyes now." Zoey lifted her head up and opened her eyes and saw the Johto Region, it was even more beautiful then she had ever imagined. Zoey was speechless by what she was seeing. Lugia Spoke, "Welcome to the Johto Region."

Zoey spoke, "Oh, Lugia, it's so beautiful. I never thought I'd see this place." Zoey lay her head against Lugia's neck and spoke, "Thank you... Lugia, for setting me free.."