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Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver: Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver: Mia and the Ice creature

by Pokeshy22

Pokeshy22 When 12 year old Mia ends up in a deadly situation with Ice Pokemon, she sends her Charizard to seek help and what he finds baffles him.
Mia searched for a Ice berry in Pewter City to cure her Mom's Pokemon, Espeon who has been severely burnt. Mia asked every person she could find and none of them had a Ice berry to give. Then Mia went into the outskirts and sat on a stump and sighed. Her Charizard laid his head on her lap.

Mia looked down and spoke, "Oh, thanks Thermo, I know I can always count on you." Then she petted Thermo very softly. Then Thermo lifted his head and growled. Mia spoke, "Thermo, what's the matter?" Then a huge Regice appeared and shot ice at Mia and Thermo. Thermo forcefully got Mia on his back and flew and dodged ice. Regice shot ice again, but Thermo dodged the ice. Mia exclaimed, "Thermo, Use Fire Blast!" Then Thermo used Fire Blast on Regice, but Regice wasn't even effected. Regice then used Hail, Thermo saw the dark sky, then he flew and dodged the hail but Mia was hit on the arm. Thermo managed to get to the Viridian Forest and land safely. Mia got off of her Charizard. Thermo noticed Mia's skin was becoming a light blue, he realized she was slowing being frozen alive. Mia spoke, " Thermo, there is something I need you to do. Regice will be here any minute, I need you to find help." Thermo nodded hesitantly, he didn't want to leave his trainer, but if getting help would help her then he was willing. Thermo nodded and flew off and went far away. Then Mia heard Regice, then she ran as fast as she could go.

Thermo flew through the Johto Region looking for anyone or any Pokemon for help. Then Thermo ran into a lion like Pokemon.

Thermo spoke, "Um, I need help." The lion like Pokemon turned around and revealed itself as Entei.

Entei spoke, "What help do you need?"

Thermo replied, "M-my trainer is in grave danger. She is slowly freezing and she is being chased by a Regice."

Entei spoke, "I see, but I will not help."

Thermo replied, "You have to! My trainer is slowly dying and-"

Entei then interrupted, "Dying?"

Thermo replied, "Because she is slowly being frozen to death."

Entei replied, "I will help you then. Take me to your trainer." Thermo nodded and flew with Entei running behind him.
Mia began to slow down on her running, she saw her breath in the air, and she looked at her hands they had ice marks appearing. Then Regice was right behind her, then Mia turned around and saw Regice. She tried to run but she fell over, her legs became limp and weak. Regice then was just about to shoot Frost breath when suddenly Regice was struck by Extrasensory and Regice nearly collapsed. Entei and Thermo came just in time. Entei spoke, "I'll handle Regice, you warm your Trainer." Thermo nodded and landed next to Mia and used ember and Mia was thawed, still cold, but thawed. Mia woke up soaked and cold, Thermo wrapped his wings around Mia.

Mia spoke, "Thanks Thermo, your saved my life." Mia then hugged Thermo and Thermo blushed. Entei dodged every attack Regice threw at him, Entei then used bite on Regice. Regice then collapsed.

Entei spoke, "If you ever harm anyone else you will take more pain. I just went easy on you. You won't be so lucky next time." Regice stood up and left. Entei went over to Mia. Entei spoke, "Are you alright?"

Mia looked up and spoke, "I am now, thank you Entei."