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Pokemon Fusion Ep.3: Brock the Blind

by Adrian2AMBoss

Adrian2AMBoss In Pewter City, Flynn battles Brock for the Boulder Badge and Charmander evolves. Also, Flynn gets renamed by his Mom and his NEW Name is Mikey! And Mikey nicknames Charmeleon Shoutmon!
In Pewter City, Flynn goes to the PC. "Flynn, I'm renaming you! Your NEW Name is Mikey!!" His Mom said. "And I'm gonna nickname Charmander Shoutmon! Flynn is My Nickname, How did you forget?" Mikey said. "But then..........." Mom stopped talking and logged off. "You're name is Mikey!!?" Joseph said. "Yes, It is." Mikey replied. "Well, Then Let's go to Brock!" Charmander mysteriously talked. "CHARMANDER, YOU TALK!!!!???!" Mikey said. "I wasn't talking because I Didn't want you to know." Charmander said. "And My name is Shoutmon! You've just now nicknamed me that!" Shoutmon said. Then, Shoutmon evolved into Charmeleon and Learned NEW Moves! They went into the Pewter City Gym. "Your Pokemon aren't strong enough to be My Onix!" Brock said and the battle begun! "Go, Pidgeotto!" Mikey said, taking Pidgeotto out. "Go Onix!!" Brock said. "Use Brave Bird, NOW!" Mikey commanded. It wasn't very effective. "Use Rock Tomb!" Brock said and finished Pidgeotto! "Go Shoutmon!" Mikey said. "Next time, DO NOT Bring me into My Pokeball! I dislike Pokeballs!" Shoutmon said."Use Fireball!!!" Mikey commanded. Not very effective. Then, A Plan just came to Mikey. If he used Sonic Tsunami which is a Fire and Electric type move, It could defeat Onix. "Use Rock Blast!" Brock commanded. "Counter with Sonic Tsunami!" Mikey commanded. Sonic Tsunami beat Rock Blast. Onix Fainted. "YES!!!! I'VE WON THE BOULDER BADGE!!!" Mikey said, like an Excited man! "Here's TM33, Rock Tomb" Brock said. "Well, Best Trainer I ever had, We did it." Shoutmon said, hugging Mikey. AS THE JOURNEY CONTINUES!
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