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Pokemon Fusion Ep.2: Catching a Pidgeotto

by Adrian2AMBoss

Adrian2AMBoss In this Flex Force Episode, Flynn encounters a Pidgeotto!
In Route 1, Flynn and Joseph are now in the Danger Zone. "SO BORED DUDE. I wonder if I Can Catch a Pokemon!" Flynn said, kicking pebbles and stones and stuff. "Dude, You need to know about your Pokemon Partner before you catch a Pokemon." Joseph replied. Then suddenly, A Wild Pokemon appeared. It was Ratatta. Flynn checked its Data on the Pokedex. "Ratatta, The Rat Pokemon. Ratatta can steal many items to eat, especially from trainers who defenses are Low." Flynn didn't want Ratatta, but Joseph did. "Go Bulbasaur!" Joseph sai, sending out Bulbasaur. "Bulbasaur, Use Vine Whip!" Joseph commanded. Bulbasaur was Lvl.6 and Ratatta was Lvl.5. It did some damage. Then, Ratatta used Scratch. "Use Vine Whip Again!" Joseph commanded. Ratatta used Scratch, but missed! Then Joseph threw a Pokeball at Ratatta. Ratatta was caught! "I've caught a Ratatta!" Joseph said happily. Flynn was still bored. Then, Another Wild Pokemon Appeared! It was Pidgeotto! Flynn checked the Data of Pidgeotto in the Pokedex. "Pidgeotto, The Bird Pokemon, and the Evolved Form of Pidgey. Pidgeotto likes to live in High Places where there's alot of trees to nest on. It can be Very Agressive though. "I'll Catch this Pidgeotto!" Flynn said, getting a Pokeball. "Go Charmander!" Flynn said, sending out Charmander. "Use Ember, then use Scratch!" Flynn commanded. 1 Problem, Pidgeotto is Lvl.19. Pidgeotto did Nothing. "Use Ember, then Use Scratch, and Lower it's Attack with Growl!" Flynn commanded, and Charmander did just that. Flynn threw a Pokeball. The ball shook, and Flynn caught Pidgeotto! Charmander boosted EXP up to 4,782 and Leveled up to Level 15 and Learned Flamethrower and Flame Charge. So, Now, We know about what happened in Route 1. As the Journey Continues.