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Pokemon Eevee Highschool Season 1

by AshleePlays535

AshleePlays535 Ep 1: The New Girls
Everything was going normal in Eevee Highschool except 2 new girls were coming to the school
Shade the Umbreon:"I wonder what the new girls look like!".
Vapor the Vaporeon:"Me too!"
The two boys hear people standing still looking at 2 girls. The two boys blushed and their faces were bright red when the saw the new girls. A Glaceon and a Sylveon were walking down the hall looking strangely at the people. When the girls see a Shiny Vaporeon and a Flareon they run over to them
Flash the Flareon:"Oh hey Glacewind and Pixiedust!"
Glacewind the Glaceon:"Hi Flash!"
Pixiedust the Sylveon:"Hey what's up Whirlpool!"
Whirlpool the Vaporeon:"Hey Pixiedust!"
Then when the 2 girls see Vapor and Shade they walk up to them.
Pixiedust the Sylveon:"Hi I suppose your the new boys everyone has been talking about since yesterday?"
Shade the Umbreon:"Uh yeah!"
Vapor the Vaporeon:" Uh that's right!"
Glacewind the Glaceon:"*stares wary at the boys* I expected more..."
Vapor and Shade:
Pixiedust:"Can you excuse us for a moment?"
Vapor and Shade:"sure sure"
Pixiedust:"Glacewind what were you thinking?!"
Glacewind:"I expected more of a Jolteon and Leafeon!"
Pixiedust:"Ugh *facepalms* just act more nice!"
Glacewind:"Fine have it your way *crosses arms*"
To be continued
(I know it was short but I promise the next one will be longer)
  1. AshleePlays535
    I know it's short but I keep promises the next one will be longer
    Aug 3, 2015