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Pokemon DP Orgins Ep.2: Catching a Chimichar.

by Adrian2AMBoss

Adrian2AMBoss On their way to Oreburg City, Adrian encounters A Chimichar, which has been abandoned by it's Trainer.
On Route 1, Adrian and Dawn are finding their way through Route 1 and to Oreburg City. Then, They see a Chimichar. The Chimichar looks it's been tied up to a Tree. Adrian untied the Chimichar and Gave it food. Then, Adrian and Dawn encounter a Trainer named Sho. Sho wanted to battle Adrian for Chimichar. Sho actually wanted Chimichar before Adrian. Though, Adrian gave it food and untied it from a Tree. So the Battle was on! Sho chose Raichu, the Evolved form of Pikachu. Adrian chose Riolu which was Faster than Sho's Raichu. Also, Riolu was on a Higher Level. Riolu is Level 59, and Sho's Raichu is 36. Sho still took him on. Adrian called a move. Riolu used Quick Attack to Heat things up a little. Raichu fell. Then got back up. Then, Raichu used Thunderbolt. Riolu was in Rocks! Then Raichu used Volt Tackle. But Riolu jumped High in the Sky and used Power Up Punch. Raichu was VERY Tired using Volt Tackle which does Damage if it uses it because of the Recoil. Then, Riolu turned Level 60, and Learned Electro Ball! Riolu used Electro Ball and finished off Raichu. Raichu fainted and Adrian won his 2nd Battle. Sho said Whoever wins gets Chimichar. And Adrian Won, which meant Adrian recieves Chimichar! Dawn was Very Happy that Adrian Won. Then, Chimichar started liking Adrian. And Adrian threw a Pokeball at Chimichar. Chimichar was caught, and Riolu has Happy for Adrian. So Adrian has recieved Chimichar and winning his 2nd Battle against Sho, Adrian and Dawn started to Go to Oreburg City for the Upcoming Gym Battle. As the Journey Continues.