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Pokemon Cyber episode 2 The journey begins

by Woopsire

Woopsire Zac goes to the safari zone to catch pokemon before planning to head off
I ran to the safari zone leaving Steve the technician confused. From what I could tell he was missing out on the action. I guess I had forgotten to pick up Safari balls before I cartwheeled over the fence into the desert area. I threw what I thought was a pokeball at the Scraggy. It was candy and to my surprise he liked it . He jumped on my shoulder and we left the area. Unluckily Officer Jenny came and said that if I took the Scraggy then it was illegal since he hadn't been caught. A little girl gave me a pokeball, I showed it to Scraggy and he decided to join me on my adventure. I went home and showed Mum my pokemon. She was impressed. I asked her where the nearest pokemon center was she said Rusaflare City where my high school was. She said it would take ages to get there so I annoyed here until she let me go. When I reached Route 1 I saw youngster Joey.