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Pokemon Cyber episode 1 from Unova to Amphi

by Woopsire

Woopsire A new trainer Zac starts his journey in the Amphi region
I had just finished dinner and it was around 7:20 PM when Mum called me downstairs. I hurried down using the banister. I wondered what it was hoping I wasn't getting another scolding. My Mum was holding a letter. Was it about how Professor Heartwood was going to give me a starter pokemon and a pokedex. Mum urged me to sit. She read it aloud. Dear Zac unfortunately I won't be able to give you your starter personally so I asked Professor Oak to come and give you the starters. I was in mixed emotions. I was happy because I got to meet the famous Professor Oak but upset because it wouldn't be the same as Professor Oak is the Professor of Kanto and leader of P.O.R.T. which stands for Profesor Oaks research team. The next day I woke up slid down the banister and had a cup of tea before bolting out. I was wearing Red's outfit which Mum bought for me. I was panting by the time I reached the research lab. Professor Oak told me the starters were Tepig who evolved into fire and fighting type Emboar Oshawott who evolved water and steel type Samurott and Snivy who evolved into dragon and grass type Serperior. I picked Snivy and thanked the professor who gave me a NATIONAL DEX not a regular pokedex. I rushed out and went to the Aquase Safari Zone which was one of the amazing things at Aquase Village the other was the harbour. I suddenly realised these were Unova starters meaning that Professor Heartwood had met Professor Juniper and asked for them. Steve the technician told me to go to the Safari Zone.
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  1. Woopsire
    Mar 3, 2014
  2. Whimsical Totodile
    Whimsical Totodile
    Oooh. Interesting! I really like the region's name. :D "Amphi..."
    Mar 3, 2014
  3. Woopsire
    By the way the types have been changed I will do episode 2 when I get time
    Mar 2, 2014