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Pokemon Creepypasta

by AshleePlays535

AshleePlays535 RaiBVR
When I got Pokemon Black and White 2 I started playing Pokemon Black 2 then out of nowhere I found a Pikachu but it was a different color over other pikachus it's cheeks were yellow it's eyes were crimson blue it had an ear like a Raichu the inside was yellow and the outside was red top was orange and the bottom was green. Green stripes feet and a bone tail I wondered why but I caught it anyway I named it RaiBVR for some reason. I was training him up even though I had a thunder stone I did not want to use it although I did want to use it. When I used the thunder stone on RaiBVR a box said "RaiBVR does not want to evolve". I wondered why it said that. My best friend Madalyn came over and she wanted to watch me play Pokemon black 2. I let her watch me and she saw RaiBVR as a normal Pikachu for me I saw it different so I wondered do I need a eye doctor? Then as soon as Madalyn left my Pikachu started acting weird like it didn't like me anymore. Then when I tried to battle with another Pokemon RaiBVR was the one to come first out a box said "RaiBVR wants you to help him". I got creeped out then another box said "will you help him?". I chose yes and then a box said "RaiBVR needs help with his color... Will you help him?". I chose yes again the box said "RaiBVR wants to be a normal colored Pikachu will you paint him?". I chose yes again then the screen went black and it showed red glowing eyes then I was in the Pokemon league. I wondered why but then a box said "RaiBVR is dead...". Then I wondered "how did he die?". A box said "he died because you were too late to change his color those colors kill him orange green gold yellow and red". I started crying because I cared about RaiBVR but now he was dead nothing I could do unless I remember him then in white 2 a box said "RaiBVR is watching you forever he will care about you". Again another box said "RaiBVR wants you to..." It paused for a moment then a loud Pikachu cry played over and over again then the box said " DIE!!!!!!". I dropped my DS and ran away to my kitchen never playing with my DS again I wondered what RaiBVR wanted me to do for real because he cares about me. Then when I started playing on my DS again RaiBVR said something "I meant to say I hope you live forever not die... I'm sorry". Then after that all I thought about at school is RaiBVR. (Everyone in the comments put R.I.P RaiBVR because he was a beloved one in this story)
  1. AshleePlays535
    It's not real it's just a fantasy story people have been making alot
    Aug 3, 2015
  2. Swampert "Beef Cake" Poke
    Swampert "Beef Cake" Poke
    i don't know if this is a joke or not.......................
    Aug 3, 2015