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Pokemon Coal Chapter 3: Silver's trainer card

by paperyoshi2

paperyoshi2 The 3rd chapter of Silver's journey!
Silver: So where are you guys headed next?

Diamond: Well I'm going to the Pokemart to stock up on items, how about you Emerald?

Emerald: Well I think I'm just going to go through route 2 and see if there's any Pokemon I can catch, oh yeah my dad's a Gym leader and he gave me 15 pokeballs but I think I'll share them with you guys.

~Silver got 5 pokeballs

Silver: Thanks Emerald!

Diamond: Okay, see you later!

Emerald: Bye!

~A middle-aged man walks up to Silver

Man: Just a question, do you have a trainer card?

Silver: No, what's that?

Man: It's something that proves you're a Pokemon trainer. What Pokemon do you have?

Silver: 1 Lv. 5 Torchic.

Man: Okay. Here you are!

Silver: Thanks!

Man: You're welcome. Goodbye!

(Silver's trainer card will be in the comments below)

Silver: Well, I'd better get going to Littleroot Town.
  1. paperyoshi2
    Oct 8, 2014