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Pokemon Coal Chapter 2: The starter Pokemon

by paperyoshi2

paperyoshi2 The second chapter to Silver's journey!
Prof Acacia: Ah hello, hello! You must be Silver, correct?

Silver: Uh, yeah.

Prof Acacia: Now, the reason I sent you that letter was for two reasons actually. One: I want you to complete the Pokedex, and two: I have been informed that a strange team named team Darkness who want to take over the world using Pokemon!

Silver: I met someone while I was on route 1 who said something about team Darkness!

Prof Acacia: Hmm, interesting. Well maybe you and the other two can put a stop to team Darkness.

~ Two kids, about the same age as Silver, walk through the doors.

First kid: Hi! I'm Emerald!

Second kid: Hello! I'm Diamond!

Prof Acacia: Ah, now that you're all here I'd like to introduce you two these three Pokemon. The one that you choose will stay by your side for the whole of your journey!

Diamond: I think Silver should choose first as he was here first.

Silver: Thank you Diamond.

~ Prof Acacia presses some buttons on a machine and three pokeballs pop out of it.

Prof Acacia: This one is Torchic, that one is Mudkip and the final one is Treecko.

Silver: Hmm, they all look pretty cool... I think I'll choose Torchic.

Diamond: I choose Totodile!

Emerald: And I choose Treecko then!

Prof Acacia: Great! Now here are your Pokedex's. Now just go and fill it up as much as you can! See you all soon!

~The three children walk out