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Pokemon Adventures: XZ And YZ Part 1:Team Neo Flare!

by AlexNinjaDX

AlexNinjaDX This Isn't X and Y its XZ and YZ! Its Been 30 years since Team Flare was disbanded but now they have a new plan!
Far Away In The Kalos Region In Kiloude City a boy is chosen to change the future of his home....

"What do you think of the Butterfree Froakie?" Said Alex.
Alex then sees that a man in a red suit is walking to a strange building."Weird I better check it out!" He than ran towards the man.Soon they arrived in a Red Building with a familiar logo hidden in the forest. "Froakie!" Froakie yelled."Wow Froakie chill out!" Alex Yelled!
As soon as the cost was cleared Alex and Froakie Peeped through the window and were shocked to find out.
"They are experimenting on Pokemon" Alex Said.And behind All the Pokemon was an old man with red hair."Who could that be?"Alex Wonders.KABOOM!!!!!
"Hey little kid what are you doing here?" Said a Man with a Red Suit.
And a houndoom on his side.
"Well I guess its battle time" Alex Sighed.
"GO Froakie!!!"
"Houndoom Kill It!"
"Use Water Gun" Alex Yelled
Soon a water pulse was shot at houndoom."Houndoom Use Fire Blast!" The Man Yelled.And then the pulse of water was turned into steam."Oh Crap" Alex Whispered. "Froakie Use Your Special Water Shurikens!" Alex Commanded.Those Water Shurikens were powerful enough to KO Houndoom!
"What The Hell?!" The man yelled."Hear this kid Neo Flare Will Live on forever!" The man screamed running away.
"Neo Flare?" Alex Questioned