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Pit vs Sora

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox
Pit vs Sora
In a giant, loud coliseum, many angels and humans alike wait in exciting anticipation for the next match. Suddenly, the right door on the battlefield opens, and out walks a teenage boy with a giant Key Sword. He smirks and begins swinging his Keyblade around. The crowd cheers, and all start chanting his name. “SORA! SORA! SORA!” They chant. Sora puts up a piece sign and grins then eagerly awaits his opponent’s arrival. Soon, the door on he left opens up, and a white blur zooms out. When it stops, it is revealed to be a teenage angel with a blue bow and arrow. He flies around for a bit before laughing happily. He looks at his opponent and flies up to Sora. “Hey! I’m Pit!” The angel boy laughs. “Sora! So, you ready for the most awesome match ever!?!?” Sora screams. “HECK YEAH!” Pit replies. The two shake hands before getting in fighting poses. After 3 seconds, they charges at each other. Pit begins shooting arrows quickly, Sora deflecting with his Keyblade. Sora then kicks Pit in the chest, then slashes at Pit. The angel counters with his bow, now in sword form, and kicks Sora as well. Sora flips back, but soars forward, surrounded in purple electricity. Pit yelps, but takes out the Ore Club. He begins swinging at his foe, tornadoes sent flying. Sora counters with Firage, but it dissipates and Sora is hit. Sora pukes a little and twirls around laughing. Pit takes his chance and bonks Sora on the head. “WHACKA MOLE!” Pit screams in joy. Sora then swings his Keyblade again, a Blizzaga freezing Pit’s wings. “Oh boy, that feels cool! Get it?” Pit jokes, and is slashed back. Sora uses Thundaga, and Pit is sent flying. Pit groans, but gets up. Pit pulls out his next item, then uses the Upperdash Arm. Pit begins nailing Sora in the chest, then kicks Sora in the back. Pit flies up high, then soars down, ready to attack, but his Upperdash Arm is cut in half. Sora and Pit huff and puff for a while, then prepare their final attacks. Sora fires a combination of Blizzaga, Firage and Thundaga, while Pit uses the Three Sacred Treasures. Sora’s attacks try pushing Pit’s back, but it is unsuccessful and the first arrows unleash, Sora getting damaged, then is hit by multiple energy bullets, and finally sees it launch three shining arrows into the sky, and many beams of light crash down on him, nearly turning him to ash. It finishes, then sees the groaning Sora laying on the ground, defeated. “Need some help?” Pit asks, and Sora grins. Sora is pulled up and Pit puts his arm around him, as a sign of friendship. “So……I know this great ice cream place!” Sora says, and his new friend looks intrigued as they walk off, the crowd cheering.
This fight’s winner is:
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    May 25, 2015