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AU Terrater: Phoenix Song

by Dwayna DragonFire

Dwayna DragonFire Dwayna falls asleep for the second time in two days, next to the human male that she is now mated to for the rest of her immortal life. However, instead of a dream or nightmare, she finds herself in a vision of sorts that could only have been sent to her by one person.
It wasn't a regular thing for Dwayna to sleep as often as she had been these last couple of days, but she felt herself being tugged into unconsciousness for the second time in a row. More than likely it was because of how comfortable she felt beside the human male, to whom she now found herself mated, the dull throb in the back of her head matching the heartbeat of his sleeping form beside her. His soul was now tied to her lifespan and she was immortal, so he would not be able to die through age, but they were not entirely immune from the turn of Fate's wheel.

But instead of another dream – or, like last night, a nightmare – greeting her on this particular instance was a vision. Terrater's evening sun shone overhead, the clear sky mottled by the shine of distant stars. She found herself sitting on the edge of a cliff in the great expanse that was the desert, and idly wondered who had decided to send her this particular vision, for she had no ability to send something quite as detailed or elaborate as this particular sensation.

It was then that she saw the familiar streaks of fire through the evening sky, recognizing what they were and bracing herself for the inevitable tears that were soon to follow. It was a rare occurrence for this to happen, so he realized that for this particular vision, the person had altered their memory of the event so that they could speak to her. But nothing could ever stop the tears that sprang from the eyes of those with tear ducts, the sorrowful phoenix song from the many birds feeling like it was permeating her very being, as if she were actually there.

“So,” said a familiar, feminine voice. “It is true.” There wasn't really any question in Dwayna' mind whom was speaking, since only one person would send her this particular vision. Her emerald eyes met ageless blue, the elven woman with short blond hair and a red headband looking as utterly bored with life as she usually was. A black opal pendant rested on a necklace she was wearing, reminding Dwayna that the woman's significant other had visited her that day to check in.

“I'm not surprised that Aria would inform you, Meren,” Dwayna replied, her face turning to neutrality as well, considering the circumstances. Merenwen Falassion was the oldest being on Terrater, still a loyal knight to the throne, even if the current queen was a baby compared to her several hundred-thousand year lifespan. Once she had been the paragon of what was good and right in the world, but the many years of exploration and watching other worlds wither and die wore her down.

“She did not inform me of how deep the relationship was,” mused Meren. “But I can see that the tie to this... boy of yours is fairly recent.”

“Indeed,” Dwayna confirmed. “We only mated this evening.”

“Then I suppose I should offer my congratulations,” said Meren, her tone changing slightly to a scrutinizing one. “Though I do not know how many of us older ones would willingly bow to a man... a human, no less, who is as young as this one.”

There it was, the reason of Meren invading her dreams this night now as clear as day. The knight was worried that her mate would be unsuited to be a king of Terrater, but now that she knew that him and Dwayna were mated, there wasn't any choice in the matter. The dragon lady looked into the elf’s almost uncaring eyes, seeing a tinge of worry and resentment laying beneath the calm. Meren did not take to such surprises very well, even despite her extremely long life.

“He will have time to learn what it means to be king,” said Dwayna, a little concerned. “But I suppose I should apologize. I should have informed you sooner of this new development in my life. I know it will be difficult, but... He is stuck with me for the rest of our 'unnatural' lives.” She was of course referring to the immortality she now shared with the human in question, at which Meren seemed to quirk a miniscule smile, knowing of the blessings and curses of such longevity.

“I will not be one to question you, My Lady,” Meren replied, with a slightly amused tone. “But you are correct. It will take some time to get used to the fact that I and many others will have to listen to this young human that you have chosen.”

“I should think that you would trust me enough to know that I will be making decisions with him, Meren,” Dwayna snapped, in a chastising tone. “We are together, so he will never be alone in whatever he decides, and neither will I.”

“Very well, My Lady,” replied Meren, her tone returning to that of her regular neutrality. “I will leave you to your sleep, then.” The elf disappeared from whence she came, but Dwayna still found herself sitting on the edge of the cliff. Fresh tears sprang to her eyes, a little bit out of joy for Meren's acceptance, but mostly out of sadness for the haunting tune of phoenix song.
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