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Pokemon Story: Part 9 - The Results after the First Day of the Tournament!

by sucuri

sucuri In last chapter our hero Mike, watched some firece battles on the stadium ground. He watched as his friend Ash is battling Iris. But, then his time came to put an amazing show and to show some of his pokemon. His first battle of the tournament will be against his best friend Jenny. What will happen in this chapter is mystery.
Before reading I suggest you to read parts 1-8 of my story. Good luck.
- Good afternoon, ladies and gentelman! We had seen many amazing battles this night! But it is not over yet! Next up are two young trainers from Vaniville Town!! Please welcome with big applause, Mike!! [​IMG] The young trainer, who is a son of Drake, leader of Vaniville Town Gym, and Sandy, who won many of Beauty Contests all over the world!! He will battle his neighbour friend Jenny!! Look at her gorgeous outfit and how beatuifully she presents herself![​IMG] Her father works in Poke Mart here in Aquacorde!! - The commentator was yelling through microphone. The crowd went wild, they were ready for some more action.

- First let's select the field on which the battle would take place! - he said again. The computer started to draw a field. It was rocky field with some features of Lava Mountains. - So, computer decided, battle will be fought on Lava Field!!

The crowd went crazy again, they wanted to see what pokemon those young trainers have.

Mike went into his thoughts. He did not speak with Jenny since yesterday, but he did prepare some strategy. He was ready, and determinted to give all in this battle. Even though she was his friend, and he loved her he wanted to win this tournament.

- Now, let's us see who will choose pokemon first! - the machine started to draw. And it was Mike who was obliged to choose his first pokemon.

- Mikky! Show me all of your potential!! - Jenny yielded with so, lovely voice, that Mike had blushed a little, but also was ready to fight!

- Go Goomy!! I choose you!! - Mike threw PokeBall and it shined and small gooey pokemon jumped from it.
- Alright, folks! Mike had chosen Goomy Dragon type[​IMG] ! Let's see with what pokemon Jenny will answer.
- Go, Bulbasaur, defeat it this time!! - Jenny threw a PokeBall, performing dance when doing that.
- So, it will be battle between Dragon type and Grass type.
[​IMG] vs [​IMG] .

- For either of those pokemon Lava Field is not an advantage!! What strategies those young trainers have?! We will see in a second!! Are you ready for some action, people!!? The commentator was yelling, and crowd answered.

For Mike it was hard to concetrate, but he managed somehow to do that.
- Alrighty Goomy, show them what we had prepared for today!! - And then Mike ordered Goomy to use Protect and wait what will Bulbasaur do. Bulbasaur instead of attacking planted some Leech Seeds underneath the Dragon pokemon. Jenny, correctly predicted Mike's next move, and ordered Bulbasaur to jump off, so Goomy's Tackle missed. Bulbasaur used Razor Leaf and Vine Whip to jump higher. Goomy seemed helpless and was just looking for Grass pokemon. But Mike again commanded it to use Protect. So, it dogded the Razor Leaf attack, but it got hit by very strong Sky Tackle, very special combination. Jenny remebered that Goomy's Sap Sipper will nullify effects of Grass type attacks, so she had to attack it with Tackle. But, Mike also learnt something new. But, Goomy got hit by the Tackle. Mike ordered Goomy to do special combination to use Bubble but combine them with its sticky membrane. It shot it in Bulbasaur's direction. And it worked out, Grass pokemon was covered by this sticky and slippery substance. Jenny looked surprised and shocked, and she looked gorgeous in this mood.
Mike had to snap out of this thoughts, he was battling.
Bulbasaur seemed to much slower now. But, Leech Seed seemed to drain slowly and slowly Goomy's power. But, Jenny was not even close of forfeiting this battle. She again repeated the combo with Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, and Sky Tackle. Meanwhile, in the air Leech Seed had gave some energy back to Grass pokemon. She put everything to this attack. But, she did not expect that Goomy will use Protect and then Absorb to counter this attack. Then Mike used Bubble attack to faint other pokemon. It worked and Bulbasaur looked exhausted but did not faint yet. Goomy also looked weakend by this fight
Both pokemon were preparing for final blow.
The crowd went silent, they have not seen such battle in long time.
Goomy prepared glooey Bubble and Tackle, and Bulbasaur Razor Leaf followed by Vine Whip. Both attacks crashed into each other. The smoke filled the area. After couple of seconds the smoke was down, and there were two pokemon standing. Goomy looked pretty much fine, so did Bulbasaur, but both were heavily breathing. They both collapsed at the same time. First round was finished with a draw.
- Look folks! The draw both pokemon are unable to fight. Now Jenny has to choose first her next pokemon.
Mike knew exactly which pokemon it will, and it will have huge advantage on Lava Field.
- Thank You Bulbasaur, once again nice battle! Chimchy go!! - she threw a ball, making beautiful pirouette.
- Come back Goomy, great work! Now, I am counting on you, go Carbink! - the specially designed ball, with diamond sparkling and pink color shined in the air and Rock pokemon jumped out of it. The pokemon look more cute than dangerous, but so did Chimchar.
- Oh my, oh my, oh my!! Look at this trainer folks, they just started his journey and he managed to got such rare pokemon.
It will be fight between Fire type and Rock/Fairy type. For those who did not know, Fairy type was just recently discovered here in Kalos. - the commentator was screaming.
Jenny looked surprised, but she took off her PokePad and looked in Pokedex and got informations about this strange pokemon.
[​IMG] vs[​IMG]
- Ok Carbink, let's show them what we had been practicing all day before this day!! - Right after Mike said that Carbink used Harden. Chimchar tried to counter it with Leer, but it did not seem to have effect on Carbink. Fairy pokemon then used Sharpen, and after it wanted to use Rock Throw. But, Chimchar became very close to Carbink and used its Fire Punch to damage Carbink. And it was effective. But, Mike was not giving up commanded it to use Rock Throw again. It work perfectly and Chimchar looked almost done. Mike decided to finish it with special, new attack he taught Carbink. He used Dazzling Gleam. All the stadium was covered by ver bright, colorful light.
- Alright, alright folks!! It looks like this battle is done!! - the commentator said, not waiting as the light will scatter.
Actually battle was not over, Chimchar was still standing, though it eyes were closed. Its ability Blaze was only keeping it in this battle. Mike felt bad to hurting this pokemon so much. Chimchar hid under the rocks, jumped and used Fire Punch. Carbink got hit, but Harden used before that made this attack lighter for this pokemon. Carbink used Rock Throw to finish Chimchar, because it was to close to dodge the attack it fainted after it.
- What an amazing battle folks!! Mike is an amazing rookie, with some bold strategies. We have a winner Mike went 2:1 in this battle. And we still have one more battle tonight, and more action tomorrow! - commentator said.
- Hey, Jenny you were amazing!! Hey, take this, give it to Chimchy. She will feel better after that. - Mike handed small diamonds to Jenny and Miltank Milk which he had found in his bag.
- Thank you, Mikky! - said Jenny blushing. She looked so sexy right know it made Mike feel bad of defeating her. - I will cheer you on in next battle. You have prepared your Carbink very well. - Saying that she get closer to Mike, took his hand, kissed him on cheek and they went to waiting room. There Chimchy drank Milk and Jenny made earings from diamonds which she put on monkey. She also, took care of Goomy, so it can reheal and prepare for next battle.
- Mike next opponent will know your pokemon and your strategy, watch out. - said Jenny.
- Do not worry, if I want to be a Pokemon master I need to be able to change my strategies. We will beat everyone, don't you think Goomy?! - Pokemon smiled, and jumped with joy and approval. The noices were coming from the stadium.
- Hey, my name is Trevor, I also live in Vaniville and I admire your dad. - Small kiddo, with blonde hair said.
- Oh! Nice to meet you Trevor. Let's battle in our full potential. - suggested Mike, and Trevor make gesture of approval.

- Ok people. Let's us welcome last pair of battlers for tonight!! Trevor[​IMG] , and Mike. Both are from Vaniville Town. We had seen today how skillful Mike is, but can he handle two battles in a row?! We will see. Machine please choose a field for us!! - commentator with big happiness yelled.
Machine selected Grass Field.
- So, it will be standard field. Ok, Mike you choose first your pokemon!!

- Go Carbink!! - Mike decided to start with Carbink this time, he was not sure if Goomy has fully recovered from earlier battle.
- Go Flamy!! - Trevor threw a PokeBall, from which lizard pokemon jumped with firing tail.
- Charmander, a Fire type against, Carbink, a Rock/Fairy type.
[​IMG] vs [​IMG]
The battle started very quickly. Because on Grass Field there are no places to hide, Charmander had advantage. But, Carbink used Sharpen, while Charmander moved closer to Carbink. It used Headbutt. It hit Carbink, but thanks to its Rock type and use of Harden, did not leave any signs of damage on Fairy pokemon. Trevor did not stop to be offensive and his Charmander used Ember to, burn the temperature up. Carbink managed to dodge it and used Rock Throw. It was effective. Next thing, Charmander combined his Headbutt with some blazing effects. Mike answered with Harden, so Carbink's skin shined like diamonds. After it Carbink answered with Dazzling Gleam. This powerful attack was felt by Flamy. With last will of fire, Flamy got closer to the Carbink and wanted to surprise it with Scratch attack and the Dragon Claw. First one did some damage, second did nothing, thanks to Fairy types being resistant to Dragon type attacks. It looked like Trevor had been put off his stroke and forgot about it. Using this error, Mike commanded Carbink to use Dazzling Gleam to finish off the lizard pokemon.
- Charmander fainted. 1:0 for Mike! And again amazing show of the skills. Now, what will Trevor choose as his second battling partner?!
- Return Flamy, you did great job! Now is your turn Bolt! - he threw PremierBall and small, yellow mouse jumped out of it. Mike thought, that Trevor had no choice, and had to use Electric type against Rock type. But, he was prepared for eventual surprise. He decided to keep Carbink on the field.
- What a surprising turn around! Now, Mike has advantage over Trevor.
[​IMG] vs [​IMG]
Trevor's Pikachu waited what will Mike do. Mike, though came to defense, and boosted Carbink's defense with Harden. Then, Trevor decided not to give any room for boosts, and attacked Carbink. First Pikachu used Double Team. Bolt was very fast, it looked like Carbink had lost track of its movements, but it still waited and used Sharpen to have harder hits. Pikachu ended this combo with Quick Attack. Carbink did not manage to dodge it and got hit.
Mike thought to himself of a strategy - "Trevor will probably not use any Electric Attacks, because Carbink is immune to them. He will use his speed to get close and attack with Quick Attack, so what I need to do is to wait when Pikachu will be close and the Carbink will use Dazzling Gleam".
As Mike predicted Trevor kept using Double Team combined with Quick Attack to outspeed Carbink. Pikachu hit like 4 times with this combo. Carbink thanks too Harden was able to survive it. Next time, Mike was ready, and commanded Carbink to close its eyes and listen to where yellow mouse is. When Pikachu came out of Double Team with Quick Attack, Carbink readied Dazzling Gleam, and exactly when Pikachu was about to hit it with its body, Carbink shot the Gleam. Pikachu went down. But, Carbink got paralyzed and was even slower than before. Mike saw just now, that from Pikachu's neck was hanging small yellow ball which was emaneting light everytime Bolt speeded up.
But, Mike was sure he find out right strategy for Pikachu. Then Pikachu did again Double Team, then jumped with Quick Attack, but instead of touching Carbink it use Heart Stamp performing cute ritual. Mike answered with Dazzling Gleam. Both attacks connected. The bright light shadowed the arena followed by smoke. When smoke was gone, Pikachu was reading Electric attack. Carbink did not look as being fainted. It was not moving. Pikachu's attack must have flinched it.
- OOOuulaalala!! This fight is raising my hairs over my body!! So much turn arounds! It looks like Pikachu is determined to win. But, this attack can be its last! It looks exhausted. On the other hand. Carbink is flinched, but does not look as tired as Pikachu. - commentator commented what he saw on the arena.
- Bolt use Thundershock! It should hit it know when it is flinched and paralyzed. - Trevor gave order to Pikachu.
Mike just waited and was hoping for Carbink to survive. Pikachu's Thundershock was ready and hit the place where Carbink was. But, Carbink did not faint. Mike come up with amazing counter. He used PokeBall to withdrew Carbink. So, thanks to this Pikachu missed. Mike threw PokeBall with Goomy.
- I know you can finish it Goomy!! - Mike with much needed confidence ordered Dragon pokemon to attack.
- Hey, people watch it! This young trainer come up with, such amazing idea, being pushed against the wall! It looks like Pikachu can faint any time! Even though Goomy looks tired after its first battle, it can wait it out until Pikachu has not have any energy left in it. - commentator said.
- Goomy be rady to use Protect and then use slippery Bubble to slow Pikachu down. - Mike commanded it. Pikachu was ready for attack...
- Enough Bolt, we lost! Do not push yourself to much!! - Trevor screamed. Miliseconds after that Pikachu fainted, with smile and some small tear in eye.
Mike went closer to Trevor and shook hands with him.
- Let's battle some time again. Trevor, please write your number on my PokePad, so we can organize rematch. And good luck on rest of your battles! You did fight well and your Bolt is amazingly fast!
- Thank you, Mike! You Carbink is really well raised. I am surprised to see such a Pokemon such far from Reflection Cave. Let's go to waiting room!
So they went and Jenny run off to Mike, to hug him and congratulate him victory.
- So, folks. This amazing day of battles is over. We had seen some crashes, some surprises, some friend reunites and some love! Good night and come back tomorrow. Young trainer go spent rest of this night in rest and peace. Let your pokemon recover. Remember you have to use the same pokemon through all the first round!!
From today until tomorrow battles, city screens will be showing the results and standings and higlights of the first day! - Commentator said that to microphone and did farewell to visitors.
On they way back to Trainer Hotel, they chatted about theit matches. Mike and Jenny became friends with Trevor, Shauna, Serena, Tierno, Iris, Dawn and Max. After they got to lobby of the hotel, they had to seperate. All of the trainers had to leave their registered pokemon in the lobby. Ash was shocked, because he could not leave his Pikachu there, so receptionist made an exception for him, Iris' Axew and Dawn's Piplup.
So, this day was over. For Mike it was long day, and more battles were to come. He could not wait to rematch Darkin. He remembered that he used only one pokemon of Fighting type, but he now did not remember its name.
Before he went to sleep he looked at the screen through his window to see the results and next pairs:
Group A
1. Ash Ketchum 6pts
2. Alain 6pts
3. Trumi 6pts
4. Max 4pts
5. Shauna 3pts
6. Iris 1pt
7. Serena 1pt
Group B
1. Mike 13pts
2. Darkin 7pts
3. Dawn 7pts
4. Jenny 1pt
5. Tierno 0pts
6. Mairin 0pts
7. Trevor 0pts
Tomorrow Battles: Group A - Ash Ketchum vs Trumi; Iris vs Serena; Alain vs Shauna; Max vs Serena. Group B - Mairin vs Dawn; Darkin vs Tierno; Mike vs Darkin; Jenny vs Trevor.

So Mike went to his thoughts and was thinking of a strategy against Darkin. After a while he went sleep ... zzzz...
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  1. sucuri
    @Mike wants to battle! I forgto most people here are kids! I will try to do some more romances, but with less mature things,
    Oct 23, 2015
  2. Mike wants to battle!
    Mike wants to battle!
    @sucuri this is a great and well thought out story
    I especialy like part 3...
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