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Pokemon Story: Part 7 - Meeting the Rival

by sucuri

sucuri #flashchallenge. Next day has brought new friends but also rivals.
On next morning Mike and Jenny woke up very early. They remembered about ad showing the info about the Beginner Tournament in Acquacorde Town. They bathed and put on some clothes. Then they went down to reception and ate some breakfast. They were so excited because their second day of the journey just started.

Next thing they did, they asked lady in reception where they can register for the tourney. She said that today, from 8 am to 2 pm will place electronic counter at the center of the Town next to the fountain. Everyone who wants to take part in it, should go and register there. So, beatuifully dressed Jenny and Mike decided to do just that.

The morning outside was chilling, but warm enough to walk in short-sleeves. There were not much people at this time outside, although there were some young people who looked like trainers. One guy was for Mike stand out of the crowd. On his shoulder was sitting smal yellow rat. He saw this pokemon in Pokemon League Tournament which he watched with his parents. It was a Pikachu. When Mike noticed yellow pokemon, it jumped off from boys shoulder and moved to sniff Jenny. Jenny kneeled down to pokemon and let her hand to sniff for yellow pokemon.
- Hey, wait Pikachu!! - the boy yelled back at pokemon. It only turned its head back at the boy, and hopped in front of Jenny. The yellow furred pokemon seemed to like Jenny's smell and started to be pleased by her touch.
- Hey, where did you run Pikachu!? - the boy with red hat and blueish, zipped shirt run after the pokemon. He then noticed Jenny and Mike.
- It seems like my Pikachu likes you. My name is Ash Ketchum and I came here from Pallet Town in Kanto. I am here with fresh start with my starter pokemon and friend Pikachu. - when Ash said that Pikachu made a cry and looked happy. Mike noticed that Ash and Pikachu have a really close bond between each other.
- What are your names guys, you seem to be new trainers? - asked Ashe.
- Hi, this is Jenny, and I am Mike, we live in Vaniville Town, and we started our adventure not so long ago. - said Mike, and then Jenny added:
- We are going to register for this tournament in here. Have you heard about it Ash?
- Yup! I consider to take part in it. So, what about if we hang out together for a while. I am not much familiar with this region. - Ash suggested.
- Alrighty, then, let's go right away to the center where the fountain is. - Jenny happily added. And three of them went there.
During their walk there they were chatting about their experience with pokemon. Well, it was mainly Ash talking, while Jenny and Mike were listening with curiousness. After they got to the fountain no one seemed to be there besides them. They saw there an electronic machine. Near it was a sign saying: for trainers who want to take part in the torunament, registration open from 8 am to 2 pm. When registering please provide your trainer number, put two pokeballs with pokemon in the holes provided in machine. Please, also provide name, age and city of birth. Have a nice day.
They saw this sign and decided to register, because it was already couple minutes past ten. Mike went first to registration machine. And then Jenny, and lastly went Ash, and they all registered for the tournament. Machine said their registration was succesfull and around 3 pm there will be announcment made about who has been registered and about groups. The tournament will start tomorrow around 10 am.
When they finished this process, they just went together to hang out a bit. There was not much people around, when suddenly from behind the corner strange kid appeared. He worn dark costume of a pokemon. It resembled a ghost and he looked scary.
- Stupid kids you think this tourney is for some newbies. I will beat you and your pokemon in one move! - he said with very darkish voice, while his eyes gloomed red. Then he threw a pokeball in the air and said:
- I will show you that you should forfeit your dreams of becoming a pokemon master, because I will be the one!!
From the pokeball jumped off the pokemon who looked similar to the outfit the guy was wearing. Mike step up in front of Jenny, turn his head and said to her:
- I will take care of this stud, do not come to help me!! - she was little bit worried when Mike said that. He threw pokeball:
- Noibat I choose you, show this bad guy that we are a competitors!!
- Mike, watch out, I had battled this pokemon before. It is Darkrai and it is really strong, I and Pikachu managed to beat one in Pokemon League battle. - said Ash to Mike.
- Use Hypnosis Darkrai!! - mysterious guy commanded dark pokemon.
- Noibat, do not be scared! - Mike and Noibat answered with jump and Supersonic Attack. But, it Noibat also got hit Hypnosis. And this got bad, because flying pokemon started to loose its power. Mike ordered Noibat to wake up quickly, and then to not give up. The pokemon seemed to hear Mike and woke up instantly. Noibat went right away to offensive and used Gust Attack to weaken the Darkrai. It hit the dark pokemon. But it looked like some dark aura protected it from damage. Darkrai used Dark Pulse and followed it with Hypnosis once again. Noibat got hit by Dark Pulse but managed to dodge Hypnosis. Mike and bat answered with Supersonic. And it was on point, and Darkrai seemed to be confused. But even with that confusion Darkrai did not stop and continued to use Dark Pulse. It even hit itself in its confusion, but also managed to hit Noibat. This seemed to be enough to finish bat pokemon.
- Noibat, return!! You won you scamp! - Mike said - I promise I will make you my rival and will beat you with my friends!! Be ready!
- Whatever kid! I do not care, I will beat anyone who will stand on my way to beat the League and to catch all the legndary pokemon! See you losers! - the guy disappeared as quickly as he appeared.
After that, they quickly went to the trainer hotel to heal Noibat. Then they ate lunch, and waited the annoucment. Around the city there were screens and speakers.
Around 3 pm the time came when they announced the message.
Good evening young trainers we have a list of all registered trainers. There will be fourteen of you. From today night until your knock out of tournament, you have to stay in seperate rooms in trainer hotels. Tomorrow morning you will get updates either to your pokedexes or get them via application.
Moving to the trainers who are registered:
First one is Mike from Vaniville Town is placed in Group B.
Second one is Jenny from Vaniville Town, and is placed also in Group B.
Third person is Tierno from Santalune Town, Group B.
Fourth one is Shauna another girl from Vaniville Town, drawn into group A.
Fifth one is Trevor, the boy from Vaniville Town, Group B.
Sixth one is Serena from Vaniville Town, who's mother is famous Rhyhorn rider is drawn to Group A.
Seventh one is Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town in Kanto Region, who will be competing in Group A.
Eighth one is Mairin, young trainer from Lumiose Metropoly City, she is drawn to Group B.
Nineth one is Alain, from Lumiose Metropoly City, drawn to Group A.
Tenth person is Max from Petalburg City in Hoenn Region, drawn to Group A.
Eleventh trainer is lovely girl from Twinleaf Town Sinnoh Region, Dawn; she will be drawn to Group B.
Tweflth contender is Iris from Village of Dragons from Unova Region, she is in Group A.
Thirteenth person is Trumi from Blackthorn City, drawn to Group A.
And fourteenth is Darkin from Johto, Azalea Town, drawn into Group B.
Mike was both happy and shocked that he have to battle Jenny in groups. But he is determined to beat that Darkin guy. Ash looked pretty much happy, because he will be able to see and compete against some old friends of his.
Next day can really bring great tournament. Rest of the day went smoothly.
They dinned then they went to a walk and went to sleep.
  1. Mike wants to battle!
    Mike wants to battle!
    #pokemoncameo FRICKIN ASH!!!!!!! I MEAN WHO DOSENT LIKE HIM???!!!
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    Thieving Fox
    Serena! Max! FUN!
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