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Vocaloid House: Part 4.

by AzureEdge

AzureEdge This is chapter 4, of my series of Vocaloid house. It's different than @L666's and @Tjtbunny's stories, even though it has the same name. I also suggest reading chapters 1-3 before reading this. Enjoy~!
Chapter 4~The Mysterious store Clerk

Len sighed."Geez, where is Teto?"

Rin sighed."We've been searching everywhere!"

Len yelled."Well, do you want to wait at the stand?"

Rin replied in the same tone."Well, do you want to find Gakupo?"

"Well said, now let's go find Teto!" Len raised his hand in the air, ready for a hi-five.

"Yea!" Rin gave a hi-five back to Len.

Just then a very tall person, that wore a oversized coat, with green hair, slowly walked by. Rin and Len thought that it was Gumi, and ran after her. The green person started running as well, and it was a chase. Every time the person made a sound, it was like heels clacking in the midist.

Rin and Len were huffing and puffing, as they took every chance they could for air. Rin tapped Len's shoulder, and the two eventually stopped. Len was obviously annoyed and said "What's the matter? You tired? C'mon make it quick! That dude is running away!!!"

Rin smiled. "I got a better plan. How about if we corner that person?"

Len smiled at her remark. "You take the right side, and I'll take the left side of the aisle. Then that person can't leave!" Rin nodded at his grasp of this concept, and procceded to their designated areas. Now that mysterious person was looking at the gummi part of the candy aisle.

Rin and Len both slowly crept up on her, and then tore the long coat away from this mysterious person. It turns out, it was Gumi with very long high heels.

She screamed, which made everyone in the candy aisle stare at the three, and then Gumi sighed of relief that it was these 2 idiots, and not anyone else.

"Hey, Gumi, do you know where Teto is?"

"Yea, Gumi, were trying to find her. Y'know where she is?"

"I have a couple questions before I call Teto. Will you two come to my office?"

Rin and Len whispered among each other, like this was some big corporal meeting and that every move made a huge difference. Once they finally came to a decision, Rin said."If you give us a free packet of Ice cream, sure."

"Fine." Gumi took off her heels, and put her bare feet on the ground. "But you've got to carry me."

Rin and Len looked at her like she was crazy. "What?"

Gumi smiled."Yup! Carry me to my office!"

Rin and Len agreed and dragged her to her office. Once she got all comfy in her seat, she asked a store clerk to hand Rin and Len each a sample of orange ice-cream. They devoured it all. For Rin and Len it was very awkward.

Gumi smiled. "Let's get to business, shall we?"
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