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Union Adventures: Part 4: Gym-Challenge

by SquirtleLover

SquirtleLover In this episode, Hugo goes and challenges the Celmarin City Gym! #summercamp15
‘Nurse Joy! This Ducklett is hurt!’ Nurse Joy comes running to me. ‘What happened to it?’ As I give her the Ducklett, I explain that we heard a sound, and that we found Ducklett hurt on the ground. ‘Of course! I know what happened!’ Nurse Joy says. ‘Always the same with you, huh, Ducklett?’ Ducklett sights. ‘Ducklett…’ I really don’t know what she means. ‘What happened, Nurse Joy.’ She turns to me. ‘This Ducklett was trying to fly, just like it tried the whole week. But it just can’t fly yet.’ She goes to tread the Ducklett, and I’m alone with Rono and Aqua. ‘Guys, I have a plan.’ I say. Rono and Aqua turn their attention to me. ‘What if help Ducklett to fly?’ I ask. Rono and Aqua both clap their hands and laugh.

As Nurse Joy returns, I walk over to her, and she give me the Ducklett. ‘It’s back to good health.’ ‘Thanks a lot, Nurse Joy.’ I put the Ducklett on the ground. ‘Ducklett, I have a favor to ask of you. Would you like to join our team? We will help you to fly.’ I say. Ducklett looks at me, then pushes a Pokéball of my belt, touches it and goes inside. One wiggle, two wiggles, three wiggles, click! ‘Yes! I caught Ducklett!’ I yel. Rono and Aqua happily jump in the air. ‘Alright, Ducklett, it’s time for you to get a nickname!’ I say, as I let Ducklett out of its Pokéball. ‘Hmmm, let’s see…. What do you think of Seb?’ I ask. Ducklett smiles. ‘Seb it is , then! Welcome to the team!’ Rono and Aqua shake its wing, and it looks like the three of them are good friends already. ‘Nurse Joy,’ I ask, ‘Do you know if the Gym Leader is in town?’ ‘Yes, he is. Cas is holding his daily training session right now. If you go there now, he should be finished when you arrive there.’ I thank her, and run to the gym, with my Pokémon following me. As I arrive, I see a young man with red hair walking out of the gym. ‘Excuse me!’ I say, walking to him. ‘Are you perhaps Cas, the Celmarin City Gym Leader?’ He looks at me. ‘Yes, I am! What can I do for you?’ I shake his hand. ‘My name is Hugo! I came to challenge you to a gym-battle!’ Cas opens the door. ‘I accept your challenge! Follow me!’ I follow him to a field, full of craters, which are filled with lava. His walks to the other side of the field, and grabs a Pokéball. I grab one too. A referee stands at the sidelines. ‘Battle begin!’