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Vocaloid House: Part 3.

by AzureEdge

AzureEdge This is chapter 3, of my series of Vocaloid house. It's different then @L666's and @Tjtbunny's stories with the same name. I also suggest reading chapters 1-2 before reading this. Enjoy~!
Chapter 3~ Finding the store clerk

Rin sighed. "Geez, we gotta find that store clerk now!"

Len smiled. There always was a method to his madness."Didn't See-U get a part time at the supermarket?"

Rin shook her head."Oh, yea there's tons of other places to work at, but why at the supermarket?"

Len simply stated "Don't you remember? See-U needed a job, because we can't depend on Gakupo for his sword shows."

Rin added to Len's statement. "And Kaito eats too much Ice Cream."

Len smiled, at the thought of their friend."See-U is still amazing though."

Rin started yelling."Yup! But now we gotta find her."

Len was going back to his detective mode again."How can we attract her to the crime scene?"

Rin immediately thought of food."Hmmmm, What's her favorite food?"

Len shrugged."I dunno."

Rin took a moment, and then devised a plan."Do you want to start saying her name, and hope she responds?"

Len gave Rin a hi-five and went into the next aisle."Sure~!" He then started screaming See-U's name.

Rin ran to the cereal aisle screaming "SEE-U!!!"

After about half an hour the two yellow haired brats were tired. They've been screaming at the top of their lungs for someone who should have made contact with one of them already. They were now exactly where they started, and the ice cream sample clerk was still nowhere to be found. And so was Gakupo. Just then, See-U arrived with a cart of ice cream and was told by her manager to put it away.

The two teenagers screamed as they saw their friend. "SEE-U!!!" They were both about to give her a hug when she pushed them both away.

She sighed. "Geez, what's up with you two?"

Len stated "We've been waiting for days now, and the store clerk that brought out the new orange ice cream is nowhere to be found!"

"Really? Maybe the clerk's on break, and they don't have a replacement." She dragged the heavy cart filled with ice cream to the designated freezer.

Both teenagers yelled at the same time."But it's been forever!"

See-U smiled at what she thought were little kids."It may seem like forever, but you've got to wait."The cart filled with Ice Cream was almost empty, and then See-U would have to return for another cart.

Rin and Len started whining. "But waiting is hard!"

"Fine, if you want a sample so badly, I'll go check who's handing out the samples. It's probably a intern of the sort." See-U took her phone out and called someone. "Hey Gumi. Who's running the sample stands right now?"

Rin and Len were shocked. They thought the only person who actually worked at the supermarket was See-U. But Guni? That probably explained why she disappears half the time.

See-U heard the reply and immediately raised her voice."Teto? No way, when did she st-TODAY????" She then took a moment to count to 10, and told Gumi thanks, and closed her cell phone. She then faced Len and Rin, and smiled. "I think I found your store clerk."

Len and Rin smiled and hugged See-U, even though they knew she hates hugs. Both of them said at the same time "Let's go find that store clerk!"
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