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Pokemon Story: Part 2 - The First Battle: Mike vs Jenny

by sucuri

sucuri After getting their first Pokemon, our protagonists decided to have a friendly battle.
After Jenny and Mike were left alone they started to chat.
- Jenny, please let me speak first. I would like to gift to you this pokemon. It is Chimchar. He is pretty cute and I know you will love it. Are you ok with doing a fight two on two? - Mike asked the question giving away a PokeBall with Chimchar in it. Jenny did so too, and handed Mike the PokeBall with Noibat.
- Let's go Mike, show me your skills!! Bulbasaur I choose you!! - screamed Jenny throwing the PokeBall. Her firing hairs were shinging on the sun light. From inside of this PokeBall jumped out green monster with bulb on its back.
- Goomy, show me what you got!! - Mike threw the PokeBall. He felt so much adrenaline, he always felt those emotions anytime they pretented pokemon battle. This time this feeling was at whole different level, and Mike had also seen this determination in her eyes and her happiness.
Bulbasaur used Vine Whip and when jumping high it combosed it with Razor Leaf. Goomy, little bit clumsily dodged from Vine Whip attack, but got hit by Razor Leaf. At the same moment when Goomy was hit by Razor Leaf, Mike commanded it to use Bubble Attack. It was light damage for Bulbasaur, so Jenny didn't give up yet. Bulbasaur used Growl which made Gooomy little bit dizzy, but despite this Mike and Goomy answered back with Tackle Attack. The attack hit hard Bulbasaur but it was able to shake off the pain. Jenny and her Bulbasaur continued their tactic. Mike ordered Goomy not to dodge the Razor Leaf attack. Surprisingly to Jenny, this time Goomy looked like it didn't feel this hit at all. Goomy then answered back with Bubble Attack. Mike was certain that this attack will finish grass pokemon. So, Mike not giving time for Bulbasaur to shake off previous attack, commanded Goomy to use Tackle. But, suddenly and surprisingly Bulbasaur jumped away. Jenny ordered it to move fastly, so Mike could not follow with sight after grass pokemon moves. Bulbasaur again move closer to Goomy and used Razor Leaf and Tackle Attack after that to finish this round now. And again, Razor Leaf seemed not to do any damage to dragon pokemon. But, Tackle did hit the target and Goomy toppled under the strenght of the attack. His slimy membrane which is surounding its body, glued to Bulbasaur's legs. Slime seemingly slowed down Bulbasaur's moves drastically. And now when Mike was sure of the win, Goomy used Tackle. Grass pokemon then tried to answer with Growl, but despite this green creature got hit. This was enough to knock out Grass Bulbasaur.
- Return Bulbasaur! You did very well, prepare for round two Mikky! - with fully blossomed smile and determination said Jenny and she still believed in her pokemon.
- Goomy, hooray! Great teamwork! Now return!! - Mike was very happy for his first ever victory. But battle was not over yet.
- Chimchar I am counting on you. Show us your fire aura!! - And again Jenny's red hairs shined in the sunlight. Although, it was almost afternoon, both were so into the battle, that they didn't care right now.
They chose their pokemon. Noibat - small, bat looking was Mike's pokemon. Jenny planned to defeat it using Chimchar, fire monkey. Mike felt like this Fire pokemon suits Jenny very well, they both had fire temperaments. The fight as usually started quickly. Jenny and Chimchar right away started from offensive. Chimchar jumped up and used Leer, then falling next to Noibat used Scratch on it. Both attacks hit flying Noibat. Not wanting to loose a fight, Mike and Noibat answered with Supersonic. Chimchar looked confused and dizzy for a while. Mike took advantage of this and his Noibat used Screech. Attack weakened Chimchar, but after while he snapped out from Supersonic effect. So, jumping high, monkey used Ember. This fire attack damaged Noibat. Unfortunately for Mike, this round was over. After this attack bat pokemon was unable to fight.
- That was great battle Jenny!! You defeated my Noibat so quickly! - with big smile on his face said Mike. Jenny was as entusiastic as Mike. Although it felt form them like battle lasted around ten minutes, in reality they fought more than two hours.
  1. Mike wants to battle!
    Mike wants to battle!
    still really good
    Aug 29, 2015
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  2. TheChaoticNerd
    Noibats are cute :nom:
    Sep 13, 2014
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  3. sucuri
    I know my English is not perfect yet (u know it is not my mothertongue), but I am improving in it. And moreover I am writing this in Polish then I translate it to english, so there is propably plenty of mistakes :)
    Sep 6, 2014
  4. AzureEdge
    This took a good while to read. Your story is amazing.

    *Goes on to chapter 3 and awaits for more*
    Sep 6, 2014
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