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Union Adventures: Part 2: Group-Attack!

by SquirtleLover

SquirtleLover Hugo and Rono have arrived at the lab of Professor Granit! #summercamp15
‘Rio, Rio!’ ‘Hmmm… Hey Rono, good morning.’ Rono jumps of the bed, allowing me to stand up. ‘What’s that that you have in your hand?’ I ask. Rono happily shows me a birthday cake. ‘Did you bake that yourself? How sweet! Thanks a lot, Rono! Let’s go downstairs and eat that cake!’ I quickly change into my clothes and run downstairs. ‘Good morning, dad!’ I say. ‘Good morning, Hugo, and a happy birthday!’ He walks to the kitchen, and comes back with a box. ‘And this is for you.’ He hands me the box, and I open it. There is a pair of running shoes inside, as well as a town map. ‘Awesome! Thanks a lot, dad! This will surely help me on my adventure!’ I look at the clock. ‘Whoops! It’s already 9:00! I have to be at the Professor’s lab at 10:00! We will have to hurry, Rono!’ I grab a knife, split the cake in 3 pieces, eat my part, and then run outside. ‘Goodbye, dad! I’ll be sure to call you sometimes!’ As I run outside the garden, Rono runs after me. My father waves us goodbye. After an hour, we finally arrive in Cordia town, the place where Professor Granit has got his laboratory. ‘Let’s go to the lab, Rono!’ ‘Rio!’ Rono says. As we walk into the lab, we are greeted by a man with black hair. ‘Welcome in my lab! You must be Hugo!’ ‘That’s right. And this is my partner, Rono!’ The man shakes both our hands. ‘Nice to meet the both of you. I’m Professor Granit. Before I let you chose one of our starter Pokémon, I would like to give you these five Pokéballs, a Pokédex and your trainer license.’ He hands them over, and I put them in my bag. ‘Alright then! Please follow me to our garden, where we are raising many different kinds of Pokémon.’ As we walk into the garden, I directly notice there are different kinds of fields for different kinds of Pokémon. ‘As you probably noticed, this is the grass field. For every Pokémon type, we have a field. Feel free to observe all of them, and tell me if you’ve found the Pokémon you want to take with you.’ I thank the Professor, and begin to walk past the field. As I walk into the water field, I see the lake the Pokémon here have for themselves. Then I hear some noises. As I walk further into the field, I can see a group of Totodile and Poliwag. In the middle of them, a Totodile and a Poliwag are standing in front of a scared Squirtle. The Squirtle tries to walk backwards, but it’s blocked by the group. ‘How dare you!’ I yell, as I jump over the group of Totodile and Poliwag. Rono lands beside me. ‘You should not scare this Squirtle anymore!’ I pick up the Squirtle, jump over the Totodile and Poliwag, and walk over to Professor Granit. ‘You want to come along with me, Squirtle?’ I ask. The Squirtle nods. ‘Good choice! Do you want to give it a nickname?’ The Professor asks. ‘Hmmm… Let’s see…. I know! How does Aqua sound?’ The Squirtle smiles. ‘Aqua it is, then!’ ‘A fine name that is! So Hugo, I guess you’re taking on the gyms of the Union region?’ I nod. ‘Then I suggest you visit Celmarin City first. The gym there is a fire gym. It’s perfect for Squirtle!’ I smile. ‘Thanks a lot, Professor. We will go there right away!’ As we walk outside the lab, the Professor waves us goodbye. ‘Good luck, Hugo! Good luck, Rono! Good luck, Aqua! And all of you, take care!’ ‘Good bye, Professor!’ ‘Rio!’ ‘Squirtle!’ I turn to my Pokémon. ‘There is a Pokémon Centre nearby. The first one there is the winner!’ Rono and Aqua run as fast as they can, happily smiling. I follow them, feeling happy as well.