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Pokemon Story: Part 12 - The Bracket Stage - Drawing the teams.

by sucuri

sucuri Group Stage is coming to an end, there are some battles left to be resolved. This were four, fully packed days with pokemon and battles.
Tuesday was a very warm and dry day.

Mike was little bit tired, but happy because he was sure of advancing to later stage of the tournament.

Mike took his usual clothes, and meet up with new friends in the lobby. After awhile they were on the stadium.
Ash was preparing his strategies for last two battles.
They were almost an hour earlier, so stadium started to fill slowly.
The crowd picked up, the hype from commentator. It started to get wild.
The first battle was about to begin.
Ash vs Shauna. The battle was almost one-sided, but Shauna managed to faint Ash's Froakie. 2:1 for Ash.
The second battle was also Ash again against Max.
And here something surprising happened. Ash lost 2:0, he was unable to faint any of Max's pokemon. Max perfectly used switching out strategy.
So, Ash is finishing group stage with 25 points, we will need to wait, who finally will advance to bracket stage.
Next up was Iris and her opponent was Alain, who was very skillful battler.
The battle was very fierce, because noone wanted to give up thiss fight, it could mean advancing to later phase.
So, finally battle ended up in a draw. Axe and Gible were fiercely battling in Dragon-type fight. But, both ended up fainting. And, thanks to ability of flying Emolga was able to tire up Charmander, but somehow with its blazing attacks it managed to take flying mouse with it. Then Iris had her second and last chance in this tournament to show her battling skills. This time she defeated Max without even sweating 2:0.
And now, the standings look like this:
1. Ash Ketchum 28 pts,
2. Iris, 23 pts,
3. Max 11 pts.
Then was time for guy from Jotho to battle.
Fatty Trumi managed only to faint one pokemon of Alain, though Alain only used one pokemon. But later managed to defeat Shauna 2:0.
And, last battle of group A was to decide final standings.
Serena was to battle Shauna. Serena was stressed but managed to go 2:1 against Shauna team.
- So, here we have folks the results of Group A.
- The first one, who did not loose any battle, is Alain with 31 pts. Right after him is Ash Ketchum with 28 pts. Behind them is Trumi, who managed to slightly sneak past Iris, with 25 pts. Then is Iris, 23 pts, Serena 17 pts, Max 11 pts and Shauna 6 pts.
- The three trainers who advance are: Alain, Ash Ketchum and Trumi. Thanks to all off the participants of Group A, we hope you will be great trainers and pursue your dreams!! - Commentator said.
Right after that was short break, and Group B was then starting.

- All right folks! Let's see who will advance from Group B.
First battle was between Mike and Dawn.
- It will be last battle for Mike, and as for now he did not loose any battle. He is only one trainer who managed to faint both pokemon of Darkin.
Mike knew, that if Dawn wants to advance she needs to win. She seemed tough opponent.
- Heeeyooo!!! Peops!!! Mike had chose to start with Goomy! While Dawn used Pachirisu!
- What a great combination by Mike's Goomy, it used its gooey slime to spread out electroshocks from electric attacks. It countered with Draco Meteor, and it hit on point faint small squirrel.
- Then Mike decided to switch for Carbink, while Dawn trusted Piplup!!! So. many emotions!!
Carbink used Harden and Sharpen, and fired Dazzling Gleam. Piplup answered with Water Pulse, but Carbink's attack was stronger. Pinguin pokemon was almost fainted. But, Piplup's abiltiy Torrent took an effect. Somehow, Piplup managed with last blow to faint Carbink, but also got exhuasted enough to not continue this battle.
- 2:1 for Mike!! This guy is amazing, he won almost all of his battles. His strategies always seem to be accurate and be working. We will have to wait, and rest of the battles to see the results and standings of this group.
Then Jenny managed to beat Mairin 2:0, while shortly after Mairin and Trevor drew 2:2.
Then there was last battle for Jenny. Tierno was very skillful battler, he used rythm to battle, so his pokemon were hard to hit. But, somehow Jenny managed to, with her Chimchar to make Tierno's dancing team loose.
Then dancing team of Tierno drew to very lively team of Trevor.
After that there was last chance for Dawn to show off her skills. She managed to beat Trevor 2:1, but it was very hard battle for Dawn, because Trevor had nothing to loose and was very stubborn.
And last battle was again Trevor vs Darkin.
- Yooo! Folks, we probably know the result of this battle! But, let's us head right into battle.
And again, with nothing to loose Trevor pulled out some amazing strategies. But, somehow Darkin again was able to win it with sheer force.
- And it is completed, we have results of the Group B.
- First one is Darkin with 36 points, right after him is Mike with 34 points. Those to battlers will surely amaze us later in the tourney!! And thirs person is Dawn with one point more than Jenny. Dawn scored 25 poinst, while Jenny 24 points. Rest of the group looks like this: Tierno 11pts, Trevor 8pts, and Mairin 5pts.
- It surely was amazing day to finish group stages!! Thanks once more to all the participants and now we will wait for drawing of Bracket Stage!!
- Just to remind you folks, next round is 3 on 3 battle. And again there will be points distributed, and four with most points will advance to semifinals. Every participant can and must register two pokemon. They do not have to be the same as in previous round.

- Ok. The first team will be: Alain, Dawn and Mike. Second one will be: Trumi, Darkin and Ash. Now, we will have four day break before next stage is resolved. Memebers of the teams will be put in the same room, so they can discuss their strategies!!

So, this evening passed quickly. Mike went with Alain, Dawn and Jenny to discuss their strategy. As, Jenny was no longer taking part in the tourney she could sleep anywhere she wanted. So, after the heated discussion, she and Mike went on some walk in moonlight. They said again their dreams, and went to one room and fall asleep in their arms.

Just, the screen showed, that registration of the pokemon will take place one day before next stage, so other trainers can surprise each other.

So, this warm day ended. Then some Zubats, and Taillows flew up high into moonlight.

But, in moonshine there appeared some strange shapes...
There were only heard their laughters and whisperings...
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  1. Mike wants to battle!
    Mike wants to battle!
    this is a great series keep it up #:love:pokemon
    Aug 29, 2015
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    Thieving Fox
    Good job.
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