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Pokemon Story: Part 10 - Second Day of the Tournament!

by sucuri

sucuri In last chapter our heroes did have a great battle between each other. Mike had to battle two times on the first day. What will bring next day of the tourney? You will see in this chapter.
Before reading this I suggest you to read ch 1-9!!
It was beautiful, sunny Sunday. The sun was really beautiful shinning. Sky was clear and with no clouds.

Aquacorde Town was quite, only few Fletchlings and Wingulls were flying up in the skies. Some Chatots were singing and tweeting outside.
Then there was Mike running around the city and did not want to be late for his match. Then he got to the stadium. People were chanting his name. He saw his rival, the strange guy in Darkrai costume. They battled, they were having amazing battle. Mike defeated him, and did not have any pokemon fainted. But, then suddenly, everyone was laughing at him. He was all dressed up in sleeping clothes with Mudkip hat on. He heard those laughs: hahahahahhahahaahah!, hahahah, haha. Everyone counting Jenny was making fun of him. And the some loud beeeping was heard by him...
Beeep! Beeep! Beeep! Beepeeep!! Was very loud and the he...
- Not again, I had slept too much. - his buzzer was ringing like crazy. He turned it off, looked at it and it was around 12. And today battles start at 12:30. He get up quickly, he wanted to see all of the competitors and battles. First was battling Ash, and he wanted to see his battle even more. He then took quick shower, put some clothes on. Went downstairs to take back his PokeBalls with pokemon and hurried up to the stadium.
In meantime, he grab some corndogs to eat and some Miltank Milk as a drink. He ate it and drank it while running to the stadium.
He managed to get there on time, everyone was already there. Jenny waived to him and smiled. He noticed that she again was beautifully dressed, with pink skirt, white over-knee socks, pink Martens. She wore greenish bra and had grey overcoat from leather. She had lace purple-black gloves. From underneath the coat Mike noticed white-black stripped tie. Her hair were put loose, and looked like they were blazing.
She waived once again, this time Mike came closer and together they went on the stands to take a sit and watch today's battles.

- Welcome, welcome ladies and gentleman! This is our second day of this amazing tournament! Let us just begin right away!! - commentator said.
First battlers of today will be: Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, who has currently 6 points, and Trumi from Blackthorn City in Jotho, who also has 6 points. This battle will decide the first place of Group A.
- So, let us begin. They will fight on Sand Field, and beacuse today is beautiful day, we will open the roof, for extra sunlight. Trumi has the right to first choose a pokemon. - commentator said and match had begin.

- Go Trikat! - Trumi said and threw PokeBall. From it horse-looking pokemon came. Mike did not know this pokemon, so he used his pokedex to gather data. It said: Blitzle and electrified pokemon. Its mane shines when it discharges electricity. It uses the frequency and rhythm of these flashes to communicate. "So, an electric type. Ash can use either Pikachu who is electric type itself, or use Froakie, who will be at disadvantage because of being water type." - Mike was thinking to himself.
- Go Pikachu! - Ash ordered his friend to battle the zebra.
Mike knew Ash can pull of amazing strategies and combination.
The battle started very quickly. Both pokemon started from Quick Attack, but Ash followed it with Electro Ball. But, the electric attack looked to be absorbed by black-white zebra.
And so Mike watched this amazing show of skills. Pikachu was doing great and keeping up with Blitzle. The battle was very exciting, especially when Ash's Pikachu could only use non-electric attacks. But, he used field as an advantage and pushed Blitzle into the corner. Surprisingly, Blitzle was also not using electric attacks. It was only using Charge, to get some more electricity. Both pokemon were preparing for final blow, but Pikachu looked more exhausted. Blitzle use Quick Attack and Pikachu used Double Team and Quick Attack. Blitzle missed, but he then used Volt Switch, which hit Pikachu. It surprised Ash because Blitzle returned to the PokeBall and was replaced by Eevee.
Pikachu looked even more exhausted. Trumi's Eevee went to offensive right away. But, it was mistake for Trumi, because Pikachu could use now electric attacks. So, he used Electro Ball and the Thunderbolt. Then Pikachu used its tail to jump over Eevee, and use Iron Tail on it. Eevee used Swift and Pikachu got hit. But this combo dealt more damage to Eevee. Then Ash wanted to finish this round with Pikachu's Electro Ball. It was effective, even though Eevee tried to dodge it. Eevee then fainted. But, unfortunately, shortly after Pikachu also collapsed and was unable to battle.
Then Froakie had to oppose Blitzle. Ash decided to use its Frubbles to slow down zebra. It worked. After short time Blitzle was exhausted and could not fight. So, Froakie used Water Pulse and finished it off.
Ash again won 2:1.
So, first battle of the day was concluded.
Then Mike watched other trainers battles. He saw Iris and Serena going even, and drawing 2:2. Then, Alain beat Shauna without any problems 2:0. Then Serena had yet again possibility to show her skills. She battled Max. It was hard battle for them, but Serena managed to win it 2:1, her Fennekin fainted though.
After battles of Group A had been resolved, there was a short brake. On the screen were shown actual standings of both groups:
Group A
1. Alain 13
2. Ash Ketchum 12
3. Serena 10
4. Trumi 7
5. Max 5
6. Iris 4
7. Shauna 3
Group B
1. Mike 13
2. Darkin 7
3. Dawn 7
4. Jenny 1
5. Tierno 0
6. Mairin 0
7. Trevor 0

Mike was happy for Ash that he still is in top of his group. Though, Trumi was experienced battler Ash could pull of a victory. Mike was discusting the battles with his new friends.
Shauna even proposed to do meeting after the tournament is over, so that everyone can say theirs future plans. Everyone of them agreed.
Then the first battles of Group B started. And looking at the standings, Mike can possibly loose his first position. Mike watched carefully battles, especially one when Darkin battled.
But first one was when Dawn convincingly beat Mairin 2:0. Then second battle from this group was horrible. Darkin was battling Tierno. But, Darkin used only one pokemon and Tierno's pokemon were crushed. Darkin used Tyrogue, the fighting type pokemon. It was so fast and strong that Tierno's Squirtle and Corphish could not put a fight. So, Mike was even more motivated to beat this guy.
The Jenny had her chance to show her skills. She battled Trevor. She had some problem with his Pikachu but managed to pull of 2:1 victory.
And then this time came, when Mike had to battle.
He had prepared strategy for Darkin.
- Alright people! Next battle is last for today. - said commentator.
- The last battlers will be: Mike, who had two wins on his account, in which he shown his unusual strategies, against Darkin who had demolished his opponents.
[​IMG] vs [​IMG]
It will be on Rock Field. Mike has to choose his pokemon first.
Mike only knew one pokemon which Darkin was using. He saw Tyrogue, oh and he lost to his Darkrai. So, Mike was not sure what the second pokemon Darkin has registered.
- Go Goomy! - Mike threw PokeBall and slippery pokemon jumped out of it.
- Come on out Tyrogue, show me your strength! - with very low voice the guy said.
The battle started. Mike used Slimmy Bubble Attack to slow down Tyrogue. It worked out. Tyrogue was just standing and used Bulk Up. This boosted his defense and attack. Then Tyrogue used Earthquake. He wanted to finish Mike as quickly as he did with other.
- I will show you my skills! - Mike said loudly. Then Goomy used its membrane body to neutralize the quakes. Then Mike learnt Goomy new attack. It used Draco Meteor, but becasue it just learnt it, it was not that effective. Though, Tyrogue felt the damage. Tyrogue used Brick Break, and then Counter to counter Goomy's Tackle.
Finally, both exhausted pokemon clashed in the final blow. Tyrogue used Aura Sphere while Goomy used Draco Meteor. They both got hit and fainted.
- So, we have a draw and we had witnessed first fainted pokemon by Darkin!! This Mike is amazing peops!! - commentator said.
- I choose you Carbink!! - Mike screamed.
- Go Scyther! - Mike somehow was prepared that Darkin will not use Darkrai now. He propably is keeping it for later phase of the tournament.
Mike and Carbink started as usual. With using Harden and the Sharpen. Scyther was very fast. But, Mike knew how to handle that speed. He kept boosting Carbink. So, even when Air Slashes and Fury Swipes hit Carbink they did light damage. Mike and Carbink waited for that one chance to use Dazzling Gleam.
That occasion was know. Scyther used Double Team with Quick Attack. Then used Fury Swipes and then wanted to finish combo with Air Slash. But, right before doing that Carbink fired Dazzling Gleam. It looked like Scyther felt this hit. The situation repeated several time later. But, Mike waited again, and again. Scyther was getting tired.
Last of such comboes resultes in that Carbink fainted and Scyther was also exhausted, and was also unable to fight.
- We had seen Darkin having fainted both of his pokemon. We have a draw!! - commentator said. That is unbelievable score! - the commentator was as surprised as everyone on the stadium.
- So, we have a conclusion of today's battles. This day was even more exciting than yesterday. I cannot wait to see what will happen tomorrow!
Mike could not believe this. But, he did it.
Mike then joined his friends and Jenny in the waiting room.

Only they looked for tomorrow pairings:
Group A - Ash Ketchum vs Serena, Ash Ketchum vs Alain, Serena vs Alain, Trumi vs Max, Shauna vs Iris, Trumi vs Iris.
Group B - Mairin vs Tierno, Darkin vs Dawn, Jenny vs Darkin, Tierno vs Mike, Mike vs Mairin, Jenny vs Dawn.

Then, they ate some dinner, and went to seperate rooms.
Next day had passed.
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    Mike wants to battle!
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