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Pokemon Stories: Pan,My Pancham

by CloudLine64

CloudLine64 This is about a little Pancham,Pan.
Pan hung down on the ground and picked up the fallen bamboo the adult Pangoro slopily dropped. She looked at the other young Panchams being close by to their mother. She wished that he could have a mom,but she didn't have one,she was abandoned. She walked into the small crack under the roots of a nice tree.
She yawned and fell asleep,dreaming of her wanted family. She woke up to see humans all around her,cutting down bamboo and trees. Pan saw all the Panchams and Pangoros had run away. She ran past the maze of legs,to find herself bumping into to shorter ones.
Pan looked up to see a little human with her hair in two brown pony tails and a flower as well. Pan was picked up to see the face of a young trainer. Pan had never seen a human before,nor had she been picked up by one. Little Flower looked at the scared Pancham carefully and put it down.
To Pan's surprise,the little human got on her knees and softly patted her knees. Pan instantly felt the little one wanted to be her friend and play with her. Pan went up to the young girl's leg and tapped it and ran away. She saw the other Panchams do it,why couldn't she? Flower knew what the little Pancham was palying,tag.
So Flower chased Pan all the way to her area of her forest. When they got there,Pan realized that she she had no food. Luckily,Flower pulled out small stocks of bamboo and fed them to the hungry little Pancham.
"Pancham,Pan,is that your name?"Flower asked,Pan nodded,
"Well Pan,my name is Flower. May I be your trainer?"she asked. Pan looked at the little girl and realized she was going to be like her own mother! Pan excitedly nodded and ran up and hugged her new trainer. Flower put little Pan inside a pokeball to keep her safe. She knew this was going to be a great,new,adventure.