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Undertale AU!Tempo: Outertale

by Il Fantasma

Il Fantasma Differences from the original Tempo:

Fight Levels:
  • Atk: 20
  • Def: 25
  • LV: 1
  • Exp: 10
Description: Outertale!Tempo is blond with royal blue eyes, which matches her clothing's colors exactly. Her hair stretches down just below her shoulders. Very brave and ambitious, she doesn't know much about Earth since she's only been there many years ago, so she'd love to visit it once she gets out of space. She's sort of in the same boat as the monsters; she ran away from home so long ago that she's only familiar with space, and would never even think about harming anyone, unless they really asked for it, but that only happened once. Not very strong, intelligent, or healthy, Tempo longs to see the world- or any world apart from the ones she's stuck on.
Relationships: With her family, Tempo can only remember a few times back when she was a baby, before she ran away. Even though the memories aren't very fond, she really would like to meet them again, but would never go far enough to say she'd start living with them again. Besides, she considers the monsters she knows so well as family, and that's good enough for her.

Here's a link to some more Outertale info.