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Pokesonas: Opel Fay

by Il Fantasma

Opel Fay.JPG
Il Fantasma I have been, once again, inspired by the amazingly talented Hisseki to create something! My first-ever Pokesona, seeing as I've only just learned about them recently, is now a thing, and I'm pretty proud of my work, if I do say so myself. Drew 'er out with pencil and paper, as you can probably tell. :p

Here's a bit about her:

Name: Opel Fay (goes by either one or both names)
Gender: female
Species: Mareep
Sexuality: pansexual
Human Age: 8 years
Ability: Static
Level: 24
Nature: gentle
Moves: Growl, Thunder Shock, Cotton Spore, Protect
Personality: apprehensive, cooperative, creative, dependable, enthusiastic, patient, polite, reassuring, sensitive, tender-minded
Likes: olives, dark chocolate, dandelions, long walks, sunny days, warmness (be it colors or weather)
Dislikes: sleep, lemons, most veggies, the beach, winter, the color green (unless in nature), shopping, her parents (explained below)
Dream Job: Pokemon doctor
Past: Opel was born into a world inhabited by Pokemon and Pokemon only. Her parents, a Flaafy and Wartortle, seemed to be breeding for the highest IVs and best stats for battles, which was odd, since there are no humans in this world, so this was entirely their idea. Seeing as tiny Opel Fay had neither of these traits going for her, she was cast away by her parents, like her many brothers and sisters. Forced to find a new home, the young Mareep traveled down many forest paths, paved walkways in parks, and even through grassy meadows, siblings going their own separate ways. Finally, she stumbled upon a rather large building. Unsure at first, Opel took a peek through a window into the main lobby of a Pokemon Center, where many different kinds of Pokemon rested and healed, or just hung out and talked. Walking up to the front desk slowly and carefully, the young child asked about the place, since she had never seen anything like it before, due to her living on a farm. The Wigglytuff behind the counter explained to her the purpose of the building. Ever since that small conversation, Opel had wanted to become a nurse or doctor in that Center, had wanted to help others out in times of need, unlike her parents, so she began to achieve her dream, becoming the apprentice of the Wigglytuff, who happened to be the apprentice of the Pokemon Center's manager, a Sliggoo.

Chu liek? >w<
  1. LokaMocha
    She's adorable. :love:
    Aug 23, 2016
  2. Il Fantasma
    Il Fantasma
    Aww, why thank you, Hisseki! <.>
    Aug 23, 2016
  3. Hisseki
    I love it ♥ Great job, Phantom
    Aug 23, 2016
    ~Principessa~Phantom~ likes this.