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One Final Battle - Prologue

by NocturnalNetwork

NocturnalNetwork This is my first entry for #summercamp15. Don't expect the next chapters to be as serious as the prologue. WARNING: If you can't stand bad puns, jokes, fourth wall breaks and endless references, DO NOT READ THIS FANFIC. About Sm4sh, so I do will throw a lot of characters that have nothing to do with other ones. Enjoy the madness.
It all seemed to be a normal day on Mushroom Kingdom. Toads running from side to side, Bowser kidnapping Peach for like the 1739th time, and Mario and Luigi jumping on Koopa Troops. Everyone knew what would happen next - the two brothers would reach the villain's fortress and rescue the princess and defeat Bowser.

And Peach was hoping that Mario kissed her at once. What was a princess without her prince, she always thought. And Mario was rescuing her for...20 years? That was the day.

Everything went surprisingly fine. Until the kiss part.

While Mario, Peach and Luigi were fleeing, actually. They thought Bowser was already too far and only wanted to rip Mario's face - which meant he was on a fine day. But oh, they were too wrong.

Bowser ran after the trio surprisingly fast due to his fatness, and there was something VERY wrong with him. His eyes glowed a bloody red tone, and his skin was purple as the early moments of the night.

Noticing Bowser, the trio exchanged a look that explained everything.

They would go to Smash Land. Of course, bringing the whole excursion - Rosalina, Luma, Yoshi, Dr. Mario, and even Wario and Bowser Jr., if they weren't with the same thing that Bowser had, of course.

And so it began.​