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One Final Battle - Chapter 1

by NocturnalNetwork

NocturnalNetwork #summercamp15 Yet another entry! Be prepared for madness.
Lucario watched the sun set in the horizon of Battlefield as he looked at his small, black paws. Usually, they glowed an azure tone, but this time, they were glowing purple, almost black.

Oh no.

Thinking that he was seeing things, he grabbed a nearly Capsule. Hoping that it would not explode, he punched it and a bottle of milk appeared. Even though not having any damage at the moment, he drank the milk and rested his head, letting Cresselia and her dreams take over his tired body.


"You drool while you sleep."

Opening his eyes, Lucario recognized familiar faces above his head, looking directly at him.

"Oh, it's just you, Blake and Robin."

Brushing his eyes, he grabbed Robin's hand and got up, still a bit grog.

"Blake? I thought your name was Charizard." Robin asked, looking at the fiery Pokémon at his side. Blake smiled before replying.

"It's a long story. Are your paws okay, Aaron?"

"Let me guess, another long story?" Robin interrogated, giving a confused look to the Lucario.

"Not actually. One of my ancestors was training to be an Aura Master, and his mentor was a human called Aaron. I was named after him. About the paws, nope." He answered to both questions, making small aura balls flicker through his fingers.

"Well, I think I know why your aura is like that." Robin commented.

"Used your magical shenanigans?" Charizard smiled yet again.

"Nope, asked a Gardevoir on Unova League."

If Lucarios could sweatdrop, Aaron would have done that. "So? What is it?"

"Well. I presume you know about Shadow Lugia. Imagine all villains you know - Bowser, Ganondorf, Ridley, Cyrus, Grima, you name it - with a color scheme like Shadow Lugia."

The thought wasn't very pleasing to Aaron. "Right. And?"

"Well, we're calling them Shadows. Quite like the Shadow Clones, but no clones. The villains themselves corromped. There's someone the Gardevoir called something like 'the Unforgiven', that corrupted them and is using their essence to build a solid body. Like, one part of each villain and all their power. And he will try to transform everyone to mere trophies."

Aaron felt a cold sensation running down his spine. "Like Tabuu?" These words brought him to the past, where they fought the villain in Subspace. That experience had been terrifying to him.

"Yup." Robin finished, taking a water that was dropped by one of these floating platforms.

"We must stop him. I presume you still know how to kill a dragon, right, Robin?"

A smile appeared on the tactician's face as he nodded. "But three of us won't be enough. We'll need to recruit all fighters we can, otherwise we'll be doomed."

"I'm still here, you know." Blake growled, not being happy with the 'killing a dragon' part. "We need to depart the sooner we can. You guys ready?"

"Ready." Both responded.

Making a final pray to Arceus, the Charizard grabbed the two friends and took flight.

"First stop, Magicant!"


After some time, the trio landed on a fluffy pink cloud, their feet being engulfed by the cotton candy like structure.

"I guess this is Magicant. I can feel strong auras here." Lucario said, rolling on the fluffy cloud. "IT'S SO FLUFFY!"

Robin seemed to sweatdrop. "Ness' and Lucas' auras?"

"For a newcomer, you know a pretty lot of things about this place, huh." Blake commented, flying to a little house one cloud above them. "Hello? Anybody here?"

A man with a bird face appeared at the door. "..."

"Oh, yes, Flying Men. How did I forgot about them?" Blake sighed and flied down to Robin and Aaron.

"Do you guys heard that?" Aaron asked, sitting up and twitching one ear.

Robin nodded. He yelled "Elwind!" as he floated to another cloud. Aaron and Blake followed using Extreme Speed and Fly. Ness and Lucas were sparring, yelling 'PK THUNDER' and 'PK FREEZE' and 'PK FIRE'. The Lucario just wished there existed a move named 'PK SHUSH'.

"*cough* COULD YOU STOP FIGHTING PLEASE?!" Blake yowled. The two kids stopped sparring in the moment.

"Why?" Ness asked, confused.

Aaron sighed. "Hm. Evil guys. One super evil guy. Super evil guy using evil guys to become the supreme evil guy. Need help to defeat him. Go to Battlefield. Now."

"Ooh. Right." Lucas said. "PK THUNDER!" He yelled, flying to Battlefield. Ness did the same.

Robin watched the two kids blast away. "Honestly, I wouldn't care if there was a PK Mute."

Aaron nodded. "At least we have two more allies. What now?"

"Well," Blake commented, "if we separate we will have more allies faster. Me and Aaron could go search for Pikachu and Jigglypuff, while you could try to convince your wif- I mean, Lucina, Marth and Roy."

Robin sweatdropped once again. "Lucina's not my wife. Yet. But I could try to convince them. We could meet in Battlefield." And he Elwinded away.

"Guess that is. Let's go."
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