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Omni-Drake: My own fakeymon

by Hydreigonborn

Hydreigonborn This Dragon type pokemon has the ability to adapt in several different enviorments...
Name: Omni-Drake, The hardship Pokémon,
Evolution line: Thorveryn/ Oceanico/ Magnivern/ Domiveryn/ Wyvash/ Drakeium

Typing: Dragon
Known moves: Dragon pulse, Dragon Claw, Psyco Cut, Dragon Slash, Omni Blade, Dragon Tail, Hyper beam, and Giga impact. Satus and Stat boosting moves. Thunderwave, rest, protect, spikey sheild, swords dance, Agility.

Description: This Pokémon adapts when it's body is put in great harm. It was created to be a powerful Pokémon.
Ability: Adaptibility

Bst total: 560
70 HP
130 attack
130 Sp. attack
80 defense
60 Sp. Defense.
90 speed

Apperance: this Pokemon is white and walkes on all fours. It has sparkling silver eyes and horns sprouting from each eye.
Down it's spinal chord it has more horns of varying lengths.

Evolution method: Hitting this Pokemon with a move of a certain type with base power of over 70, this Pokemon evolves. Typings to evolve:
Fairy or Dragon Type: Magnivern
Ground, rock, or Steel: Drakium
Dark or Ghost: Domivern
Water: Oceanico
Fire: Wyvash
Electric: Thorveryn
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  1. Hydreigonborn
    Wyvash was clever though.

    Ps It's Fire/Ghost not Fire/Dragon
    Jan 28, 2017
  2. Hydreigonborn
    All my names suck... especially the fact that half of them end in vern
    Jan 7, 2017
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