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October the Autumn Mismagius (New Pokesona)

by Midnight Heart

IMG_20170427_134533_170.JPG 1493315060700.png
Midnight Heart This is my newest (and hopefully last, if I can help it) Pokesona, October the Autumn Mismagius! He is a male and called an Autumn Mismagius because he was born in October (Autumn) and because he has Autumn Sawsbuck leaves on him and has the colors of an Autumn Sawsbuck! Also, Autumn is my favourite season. :p
  1. qlovers
    Why does he look Cute? Blushes
    (Uaii Kun) I ship it~I ship it~
    Jun 24, 2017
    Midnight Princess likes this.
  2. Puglife2509
    i love it
    Apr 27, 2017