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The Adventures of Rin Masaomi: OC: Rin Bio

by Demelza

Demelza Bio for Pokémon trainer Rin
Name: Rin Masaomi
Gender: Male
Hometown: Nuvema Town / Unova Region
Age: 20 (As of "The Hunt for Deerling!")
Height: 5.8'
Weight: ?
Hair: Dark Grey
Eyes: Green
Clothing: Light brown trousers, navy blue hoodie, black boots, black and green fingerless gloves in winter.
Identifying Marks: Small scar behind left ear, hidden by his hair most of the time.
Personality: Fairly quiet but can be reckless and will protect those in need.
Skills: Ability to bond with Pokémon extremely quickly.
Past: Comes from a family with a strong background in collecting Pokémon Gym Badges and battling the strongest trainers around. Rin wished to be different and decided to collect Pokémon and complete his Pokédex before taking on these challenges, however this doesn't mean he isn't fond of Pokémon battles as he actually is.
Family: Little sister Lisa, both parents strong Pokémon trainers.
Love Relationships: ?
Pokémon: Charmander, Deerling, Pumpkaboo (as of "The Hunt for Deerling!").
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