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Not the last

by Skyy-chan

Skyy-chan This is a sad story that I came up with when I was bored. I'm working on depressing moments for my novel, "The Town of the Sun", for when I kill off when of my characters. So, don't like, don't read. Also, these include Pokemon as the main population. This really sucks, but I was inspired by "The Last of Us" soundtracks.
Sylvia ran. There was no way she was going back.
Her parents has yelled and screamed at her, for trying to stop them from killing themselves. She ran past all the houses, the sound of rain pelting against her ears.
The shopkeepers watched as she ran by, wondering where and why she was going.
Sylvia was getting far away. Far, far away from anyone. Her friend, Anne, tried to run after her, but failed.
She kept on running, running untill she ran to the outskirts of town, reaching the Nevermore Tree. She slammed her back against the tree, and slid down, sobbing.

Meanwhile, Anne kept running after her. The rain pelted harder against her, but she trudged on. Most of the town packed up their shops and outlets, seeing the rain was worsening. Anne rehashed the outskirts of town, and ran to the forest. She could see Sylvia not too far away, for her fur was white. Anne yelled for Sylvia to come back.

"I'm not coming back Anne, no matter what!" Sylvia ran farther, knowing that her parents would be dead. The last of her family, orphaned, she was.
Anne wouldn't give up. She was shocked Sylvia didn't give in yet, for her being a Meowstic, she had short legs. But, then again, Whimscotts had stubby legs too.

The thunder growled in the sky, and the lighting clapped. But Sylvia had given up already, she was going far away. She would join the Fireflies, and be a solider. She didn't care who was who, she was going to be a Firefly, if they liked it or not. The thought of dying was grostique to her, but she didn't care. She was already forgotten,
and orphaned.

The chase had worn down. Sylvia had flopped over, crying. The tears streamed from her face, and Anne approached her, picking her up. Anne, too, was an orphan. But, that didn't stop her.

They approached an abandoned town, having it been abandoned due to a deadly diasese. Anne went inside the least worn down house, and put Sylvia down.

"Don't worry Sylvia, we're not the last of us." Anne said. "We'll make it, even if were orphans and dying, now that we have the diasese."
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  1. Sy Kage
    Sy Kage
    Very nice! Just maybe a few grammar mistakes. Dialog, when written with a speech verb after, is written like so. "Run for it," he whispered.
    If 'whispered' was replaced with a saying such as 'He turned his head away', it's written like so. "Run for it." He turned his head away.
    Apart from that, this is really good!
    Apr 5, 2014