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Fan-characters: Non-Pokemon Character Trainer Teamshot #1 (Ashuda Sukana)

by ~Rinko~

Ashuuda Sumarina Teamshot.png
~Rinko~ Okie, this is part one of (at least) eight teamshot sprites for my fan characters!~ Wow that title is long... And I need to come with a better one...

Anyways, I'll blab a bit about why I picked those Pokemon for her.
First off, her theme type, although at a glance it may seem like Fairy, is supposed to be Steel, the reason being that at least two of my fan-characters should have Fairy teams including Ashuda, so I'm calling this one a Steel-type theme.
And secondly, the Pokemon themselves, Mawile is kinda cute, but it has an extremely strong pair of horns/jaws on the back of it's head; whilst Ashuda is quite kind and caring, but has a somewhat dangerous ability. Klefki is there because um... mostly because I wanted her to have two Steel/Fairy types but also slightly because of the phrase "the key to one's heart" and Klefki has keys and Ashuda's boyfriend's last name sounds like a word in Japanese that means heart. (Killybunny, Jodie, don't google translate it pls)

Disproportionately large Klefki sprite made by me.