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Nightmare Mew

by DemonMew

DemonMew So this happened, Nightmare Mew! One decided a cross over between Nightmare Moon from My Little Pony and Mew from Pokemon would look awesome! [​IMG] I have such a weird brain XD lol but yeah I am glad this is finished and finally uploaded as I have been rather busy with uni so not had much time for drawing. I also came up with another short-ish story (kind-of like the MLP story of Nightmare Moon but with difference and also with Mew) [​IMG] ok so here goes.

In this world, people follow each other and unite to form friendship groups which then form colonies each to their own peaceful society. This is how it is for the vast majority of those who are all alike, who all follow the same beliefs and views and have similar appearances. Society is uniform and everyone has to follow the so-called "in-crowd" like sheep to a flock. For those part of this life is peaceful and bliss and in their ignorance of being part of a group, those who are different are singled out and banished from this group. On top of this, these different people are usually ridiculed and treated unfairly by these "sheep". It is the same with the Pokemon clans for long ago there lived a Mew who was unlike any other of her species or of any other Pokemon for that matter.
Once there lived a Mew, who was known as Ashelia by other Mews, and she was slightly taller than most Mews with huge, dopey looking, blue eyes and pink fur. Unlike most Mews, she was lively and bouncy, she had more of an open mind towards situations and she was rather eccentric compared to the other Mews. This also made her more curious as the other Mews feared the dark, but Ashelia found interest in the night time and preferred darkness over light. Ashelia was also rather intelligent (well for one who looks pretty dopey) and found other ways of approaching and dealing with problems. The other Mews did not like this. They would taunt her and always put her down, telling her she was wrong and always saying mean things to her like "why cant you be more normal" "why do you have to act this way" "I dont understand you at all!" and "Shut up Ashe!". This really got to her and yet she still tried to fit in with them. All Ashelia wanted was to impress the other Mews but no matter what she tried, the others would put her down or ignore her and carry on talking to each other like she didnt exist. Ashelia was lonely.
One day, Ashelia came up with an idea that would allow the other Mews to accept her as the Mew species seemed to be declining, due to the fact that they shunned those who were different, and she was worried she would never find a soul mate amongst them. Since she had psychic powers, she tried her ever so hardest to peer into the minds of those who taunted her to find why they hated her so much and to see if she could change herself. However, this was illegal in the Pokemon world unless truly necessary, but Ashelia so desperately wanted the others to accept her so she had to find out how to be like them. But when the other Mews found out, they grew angry, they also feared this power for not many Mews knew how to peer into the minds of so many. They made her out to be evil and so in their blind fear, they used all their power to banish her to the moon where she stayed, imprisoned for hundreds of years. Here, on the moon, she grew more lonely, in this loneliness, she grew sad, in her sadness, she grew angry and filled with hate. This hatred began to warp her, her once pink fur turned Jet black, like the darkest of nights. She grew an eerie glow which resembled a mane and reflected the night sky, glowing with stars against a dusk-filled background. In her madness she found a beautiful silver armour, similar in colour to the moon light, and wore it like a human would wear a new dress. A mark appeared near her hide, resembling the moon against a dark purple sky. Ashelia waited, more hatred filling her heart as she awaited the day to make the other Mews pay for betraying her like this. A Mew can live for around 10,000 years or more and she hated the thought of spending the rest of that time alone in her dark solitude known as the moon.
On the time of the solar eclipse where the moon blocks out the sun directly over the Mayan Temple, a great surge of energy broke the prison that Ashelia, now known as Nightmare Mew, was held in. Nightmare Mew was free. She had forgotten about love, kindness and compassion, for she now had a lust for darkness and revenge on those who wronged her. Filled with hate and her new found lunar powers she blocked out the sun and allowed the moon to shine permanently to bring terror to the Mews below. With this she stalked the Mews that banished her and eventually confronted them. One by one they begged her not to kill them and even apologised to her for being so cruel to her all those years ago. But Nightmare Mew showed no mercy and slaughtered them all in the most gruesomest manner. She did this with many others of her species, wiping them out, causing a fire storm of fear. She laughed as the blood of her enemies splashed on her face and across the land. Where she went, she turned the place black with night and red with blood. Eventually there were very few Mews left in the world, a once powerful species now brought to its knees by one warped by empty darkness.
Although Ashelia enjoyed the killing of those so cruel and stuck up, that enjoyment was short-lived for it did not replace the loneliness in her heart. She still yearned for friends and for those days where she was that dopey little mew and not the warped beast she is now. She lowered the moon and brought back the sun. Ashelia then sought Arceus for advise only Arceus was angry as she almost brought an end to a species he cherished and created. For this, he cursed her with eternal life to make up for the Mews she killed. Ashelia would never grow old and could only be killed to die. Ashelia did not like this at all as her life was already miserable and death would be the only answer, the only end to the pain.
Ashelia decided to drown herself in the great river. Feeling the water flow over her head, she closed her eyes and waited. All of a sudden she was lifted out of the water, Ashelia wondered if she was being taken to heaven, or hell, since she had took the lives of so many however, this was not heaven or hell, instead she was being saved by a human girl. The girl was young, about 10 years old, she too was tall, for a 10 year old girl at least, and she had curly red hair and hazel eyes. Along side her was a dog, quite similar to the dog like Pokemon Herdier, however he was an ordinary dog named Benny. The girl was play-full and bouncy, just like Ashelia once was. From this, Ashelia remembered what it was like to be happy for she found a friend in this girl and her dog, and she lost her jet black fur and evil demonic features to regrow her old pink fur and regain her dopey-eyed look. "Ooh, pink is my favourite colour" said the girl. After saving her life, Ashelia found friendship in the girl and they became true friends. Ashelia watched the girl grow up and be happy and even stayed with her till the end of the girl's life. Ashelia was distraught when the girl eventually died at the ripe old age of 115 and although she was once again sad, she cherished the good times she had with her friend and she learned that there will always be someone out there to accept you, know matter who you are or what you have done. Ashelia would then teach this to another Pokemon, Mewtwo, in many years to come who was all so filled with hatred and anger as he tried to bring the world to its knees like she once did. She fought this Pokemon to get him to understand that although the world seems cruel, there will always be some good people or Pokemon out there who will accept you, no matter what. From this they too became friends and eventually they became lovers who were together forever. Ashelia was no longer lonely and she found a Pokemon that would share her lifespan and live happily forever.


Ok so that was my story, I hope you all like, this was so random XD but I tried to keep some moral lessons in there XD I do not own Pokemon or My Little Pony. I have also uploaded this to DeviantART :D
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  1. DemonMew
    Aww, thanks :3 :D
    Nov 13, 2015
  2. Bluefeather
    Very nice!
    Nov 12, 2015
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  3. DemonMew
    Tehehe, thanks :3 yeah it is a strange crossover, but they are 2 characters I like from 2 different fandoms :D
    Apr 6, 2015
  4. haruhi2000
    Awesome! I love Mew and Nightmare Moon :3
    Apr 6, 2015
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  5. DemonMew
    Aww thanks, I am glad you like it :D
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    I love dis
    Mar 26, 2015
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  7. DemonMew
    Tehehe, I have had a lot on my mind lately so it made a strange little story XD and thanks :D I am glad you like it :D I need to think up more stories :3 I use to love making up stories
    Mar 23, 2015
  8. Azur
    I like it, and I must admit that Mew does oddly fit, especially with your story.

    Also, I feel that busy stuff, but welcome back. ;)
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    Tehehe, thanks, it was such a random idea that I had so I wasnt sure how it would go down, but I am glad you like it :D
    Mar 23, 2015
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