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New world: New world: the being

by Rollui

Rollui It all started with a blow in the air.
The world being for me is just a word but before that i have to who i am. "My name is Tyler Jones but people call me ty" i saw a bomb in the sky and boom!!!! "Oh no" i thought "I'm going to die"
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  1. Rollui
    May 2, 2015
  2. Cuddles
    Man, this story hit me so deep in the emotional level, I can't even have feelings for anything
    else because of this amazingly detailed story. The way the character is portrayed is at a level that everyone instantly knows his background and what he has done in his life, just by the author announcing his superb name. And the overwhelming emotions that happened when the character admitted his demise, wreaked the very core of my soul.
    Just kidding, to be honest with you, more detail and a stronger back story can help this written work and help you address the point you're trying to convey to the reader, hopeful next time you write a story, it'll be improved. :3
    May 2, 2015